Zahra Owens writes to order!

Okay, I know I’m meant to be having a week off but I’m just dropping by today to invite you all to leave prompts for the talented Zahra Owens. She’ll be guest blogging here next Wednesday and is keen to write some prompt fics for you all! Zahra asks you to give her “something along the line of : characters from any novel or short story of mine along with two or three words and I’ll write a flash fic.”

If you leave your prompts on this post, Zahra will choose the five that get her muse going, and she should have them ready to post next week – hopefully some of them on the Wednesday too 😀

If you haven’t read any of Zahra’s work please do wander by next Wednesday to find out more. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year and she’s a thoroughly warm and lovely person!

5 thoughts on “Zahra Owens writes to order!

  1. OH wow, no prompts yet???

    Hmmm I always love a jealous possessive man staking his claim on his lover. I know generic but it’s my fav.

  2. I’d like to see Michael and Gabriel from “Santangelo” a few months into their relationship when Gabriel is more confident about making love.

  3. I really enjoyed Trust and would really like to see a snippet out of the boys’ future. I don’t think life will be easy for them.

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