Update Monday: surrounded by boxes

Hi everyone! I’m back – sort of. I won’t be blogging on Wednesday because I have a house full of stuff to pack and a load of promo things still to prepare for Handle with Care‘s release next week. But here’s a quick catch up for you :)


I got a bit of writing done over Easter – my short story for the Goodreads MM group’s summer freebie event is now at 8.5k, but I’ve had to ask for an extension as I just can’t concentrate on writing right now. I’ve also written a week’s worth of guest blog posts for the Handle with Care blog tour – just another five to write, now!

And just in case you missed it – here’s a link to the HwC giveaway post: http://josephinemyles.com/2012/04/14/handle-with-care-contest-and-other-giveaways/


I’ve already had a couple of lovely reviews come in for Handle with Care. Sirius awarded it 4.5 stars over on Jessewave, saying:

This seemingly simple story touched my heart…  I also loved how Ben’s insecurities were portrayed and how sweetly his crush on Ollie is depicted… Highly recommended.

And today I discovered a 5 star review from Lisa at The Novel Approach, saying:

Handle with Care is the comical and clever and utterly charming story of two men who’re falling in love for the first time... Handle with Care is a “so nice, I read it twice” book, and it was every bit as sweet the second time around.


Daisy at the pirate partyReal Life:

Yeah, this has been fun. My first week of the Easter hols I came down with a horrible cold, but still had to find ways to amuse Daisy (which generally involves going out to the park). The second week my sister and my nieces have been visiting, so that’s been pretty busy too. Add in a few birthday parties for Daisy’s friends, and… you get the picture. I haven’t done much packing yet, but the other half has been busy filling boxes. I feel like I’m living in a warehouse right now!

This week:

I have guest blog posts to write, a newsletter to write, and a bit of Storm and Lightning for Friday. Other than that I’ll just be trying to stay calm in the face of everything that needs doing. We get the keys to the new place on Friday, I’ll be spending Friday and Saturday moving boxes in the car, and we’ve booked a man with a van to help us with the furniture on Sunday. I’ve also booked a cleaner to come and clean the old place, because I can think of few tasks I dislike more than cleaning out empty houses.

Oh yes, and I still need to phone around everywhere and let them know about the new address. Wish me luck with everything!

8 thoughts on “Update Monday: surrounded by boxes

  1. Good luck!!! 😀
    Great news about moving on Friday. Hope you settle in quickly. And great news about your reviews. Yay you!

    I love your resident pirate complete with parrot :)

    • Thanks Prue! Daisy did look a real cutie, didn’t she? She kept turning in surprise to look at her parrot – it was really sweet.

  2. First, good luck with all the move stuff, I know how that is.

    CONGRATS on the reviews! Those are fantastic! I’m so thrilled for you 😀 Good on you for all the writing you got done, especially all the blog posts!

    UGH sorry you were sick for Easter Hols :( That’s stinky- but it sounds like you had fun with Daisy and the rest of the family so that’s good – and OMG Daisy is adorable in that picture 😀

    Good luck with the writing goals this week and especially with the move, I’m with you on the cleaning thing – BLEECH Good luck with the rest of the move! *HUGS*

    • Thanks hon! I’m feeling a little less stressed after getting lots of packing done today. Only problem is, I’ve revealed a serious mildew problem on the wall behind and all my sewing kit smells a bit musty now :(

  3. Good luck! I’m almost back to the “I envy you” point, but I have found stuff to do around the house to keep me satisfied. Mainly re-decorating Rebekka’s room as a surprise for her for when she comes back from Mexico. Bright pinks and purple mixed in with a bit of green. Very teenage-y.

    I bet Daisy is pretty exited about the move. I remember Rebekka at that age unpacking stuff as fast as I manged to put things in boxes. She probably thought they’d disappear for good…….*LOL*

    • Ooh, I like the sound of those colours!

      Daisy is excited and keeps telling me about all the things we’re going to pack. Apparently we’re taking the bath and sink with us too XD

    • Thanks Stevie! I can’t wait to get in there. Things are starting to really look like we’re moving now at home. The walls and shelves are getting bare and rooms feel much more echoey. I’m really looking forward to finding the right spot for all my stuff in the new place :)

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