The Handle with Care blog tour kicks off today!

Yes, not only did I move house yesterday, but today, despite having no internet at home, I’m heading off on a blog tour to celebrate the release of Handle with Care. Why yes, I think I probably am mad…

Today’s post deals with the three main incidents that sparked off the inspiration behind Handle with Care:

I’ll be doing my best to respond to comments via the wondrous medium of smartphone, combined with daily trips down to local cafes with wifi. Just be patient with me if I don’t get back to you quickly. All comments left on posts during the tour will give you an entry into the contest for an exclusive Handle with Care mug (plus worldwide postage) and a $25 voucher for All Romance eBooks (or alternative ebook retailer of your choice)

And check out the rest of the itinerary!

7 thoughts on “The Handle with Care blog tour kicks off today!

  1. Haven’t tried running around town looking for free wifi myself, but my friend Erica did when she moved and didn’t have access to the net. She ended up sitting in the car outside her husbands workplace, nabbing their wifi so that she could go on Facebook. With two small children in the backseat and no air conditioning (we’re talking Mexico here) she must have looked pretty desperate!

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