The Handle with Care blog tour calls at Romance Around the Corner

The lovely Brie has interviewed me about Handle with Care and some of my other work:

If you have any other questions for me, please ask away! I’m always happy to natter on.

There’s also the last stop of the Beat Your Winter Blues blog tour over on Joyfully Jay today, where all the authors are talking about their experiences of winter and spring this year:

I don’t have any home internet at the moment, but I’ll be doing my best to respond to comments via the wondrous medium of smartphone, combined with daily trips down to local cafes with wifi. Just be patient with me if I don’t get back to you quickly. All comments left on posts during the tour will give you an entry into the contest for an exclusive Handle with Care mug (plus worldwide postage) and a $25 voucher for All Romance eBooks (or alternative ebook retailer of your choice)

And check out the rest of the itinerary!


And before I go – an advance apology. I won’t be able to post any Storm and Lightning this Friday, as the move has taken so much time and energy I just haven’t had the resources to write. I’ll make it up to you in the future with a bumper episode, I promise!

4 thoughts on “The Handle with Care blog tour calls at Romance Around the Corner

    • Thanks hon! I did end up having a bit of a sense of humour failure yesterday afternoon, after spending the morning moving three carloads of loft stuff from the old place – in the pouring rain. Still, it’s all moved now and I might even let myself have a day off at the weekend. I need one!

      *Hugs back*

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