Blogging on Carrying the Torch today

I’ve written a post about my love for the canal by Bath. Do head on over if you’re interested. There are going to be some really interesting posts covering most of the UK over this blog event, as writers of glbtq fiction follow the path of the Olympic torch relay around the country.

And look, here are my pictures of some fella carrying a flame through town this lunchtime:

What, we waited half an hour in the blazing sun for this?

Someone give the poor man some shorts. He must be roasting.

Daisy had a great time, though, and that's what counts :D

21 thoughts on “Blogging on Carrying the Torch today

  1. Awww. It’s pictures she’ll have to always remember though. That is pretty cool. I’d love to have seen the torch for our Olympics but I think I was too lazy. LOL And it was winter.

    • Much less appealing to go out and line up to see someone carrying a giant lighter in the winter, I agree. I just found myself craving a bit more spectacle. There were a few generic sponsors’ buses and then the running guy. It definitely needed some acrobats or a marching band or something.

  2. Oooo! You’ve seen the flame. I’m glad the weather turned better although he does look a bit warm.
    Great photo of Daisy. She looks as if she’s enjoying it! :)

    • I have seen the flame. I failed to be suitably awestruck, I must admit! Daisy had great fun though – she was a joy to watch 😀

    • It was the first time ever her whole school has gone out on a trip at once, so it was really special in that respect. There were loads of parents acting as chaperones :)

  3. As long as Daisy enjoyed the day, but he could at least have given you some legs to look at when he finally arrived at your spot 😉

    • Yes – I was expecting a fit man in skimpy clothing, and instead I got this! I tell you, the uphill cycling race we have every autumn gives a lot more eyecandy 😉

  4. Is that your daughter? OMG! She’s the cutest thing!!
    I wonder who that guy is, must be an athlete. He’s better than, though, but worse than David Beckham. :-)

    • That is indeed my little Daisy – she’s adorable, isn’t she!

      I haven’t a clue who the guy was, I have so little interest in sport and athletics. David Beckham is kinda cute though, until he opens his mouth 😉

  5. Daisy looks as happy as a clam at high tide! And the sun is out, summer is finally here and why on earth didn’t they give the man som shorts!?

    • I know! He must have been sweltering. And I love that clam expression – I’ve never heard it before. Is it Norwegian?

      • The happy clam is all English! (or maybe American?) We say happy as lark or sometimes; happy as a salmon. This makes me want to buy one of those books that compare Norwegian and English expressions. It’s strange really how similar they sometimes are.

    • Yep, she made it in class that morning. So cute! She totally destroyed a flag her support worker gave her by flapping it about too strenuously, then proceeded to shove her torch in everyone’s faces to “tickle” them. She’s a right little monkey! It was lovely seeing all the other kids interacting with her, though. They’re so protective of her and were all keeping an eye on where she was all the time – especially the boys. She’s a real hit with them. Should I be worried? 😉

      • *LOL* You might worry in a few years. We (my brother and I) had a “summer-friend” with Downs. We would spend two months each summer at our grandparents cabin in the mountains, and Hilde would spend the summer with her grandparents in the neighbouring cabin, and we played together a lot. My brother was so in love with her! But then she was adorable and so much fun. I remember catching them kissing in the barn. We were nine ot ten at the time I think.

        • Yeah, I can see Daisy staying very popular with the boys. She’s really pretty and cheerful with absolutely no guile to her. I’m going to have to keep my eye on her when she gets older!

  6. I’m sitting here all :DDDDD b/c Daisy looks adorable and so happy and I love her homemade torch 😀 And whether it was worth it or not, that smile on her makes it so. Because damn, nothing better than that :DDD

    And now she’ll have all these pictures to remember it with – that’s just so cool that her whole school was there and all the other kids being protective of her, wow, that just totally made my night 😀

    • Aww, thanks hon! It really was lovely to see how they all interact with her. On the way back one of her friends got into a long chat with me about what Down’s Syndrome meant and why Daisy was different. She really seemed to get it because her younger brother has severe learning difficulties too. I felt like I’d had a chance to educate her a little bit, which was great :)

  7. Considering the weather we’ve had recently you shouldn’t moan about the blazing sun. Had it been last week you and Daisy would have looked like drowned rats. And that smile was worth the waiting around for 😀

    • Hehe – I know, and I did enjoy the sunshine, I really did. I look a bit pink now despite putting on sunscreen, but it’s great to get rid of the winter pallor at last.

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