Yoohoo! I’m back! Major catch-up post.

Hey Peeps, I keep promising you a proper catch-up post, so here it is :)


The kids are doing great. Gabriel is really starting to talk now, and he’s a delightful little boy. Seriously, he cut four teeth last week and even with all that going on, he was pretty well-behaved and sweet. Now the teething pains are over he’s an angel. Albeit one who says “Bum!” a lot…

IMG_5404 (Copy) June 2016 (34) (Copy)

Daisy has been crowned the Queen of Selfies at school, and you can see why as she takes loads whenever she gets her mitts on my phone!

May 2016 (328) (Copy) June 2016 (65) (Copy)

Andy and I are doing fabulously too. Really happy here in our new home, and even happier that Andy will starting work in a new school in September, cutting about an hour and half off his daily commute. More time with me and the kids, yay!

IMG_5407 (Copy)

The Boom-chicka-wah-wah Bungalow

Yeah, it’s pretty fitting that the woman who used to post all the 70s porn now lives in a house that looks like it could have been one of the sets! Okay, there’s none of the awful wallpaper, but my bathroom seriously looks like a porn set. I love it! The kitchen is less wonderful with all the black tiles, but it has a certain retro charm. The stone cladding in the living room/diner is awesome, but most of all I love the completely private patio, with its scope for naked orgies sunbathing 😛

We’re now pretty sorted in here, although there’s still plenty to be getting on with, and I have a whole bunch of boxes in the loft I need to sort through *cough* hoarder *cough*.

Here’s a few pics taken back before we moved all our stuff in. We all love this house!

March 2016 (82) (Copy) March 2016 (81) (Copy) March 2016 (80) (Copy) March 2016 (79) (Copy) March 2016 (78) (Copy) March 2016 (77) (Copy) March 2016 (76) (Copy) March 2016 (75) (Copy)

I’ll take some more pics soon, I promise.


To be honest, I haven’t read any fiction in a long time, apart from a few false starts with library books. There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get into a book properly. I watch the odd telly programme to unwind, though. We’re still making our way every-so-slowly through Game of Thrones (only on series 3!), and much faster through The Mentalist. Sometimes I get to watch Orange is the New Black while Gabriel naps, but always feel a bit guilty as there are about a hundred other things I could be getting on with…


I’m ready to get back to finishing off Custom Fit next week, now I’ve pretty much sorted everything for the re-release of By Quarry Lake. More about that in a few days!

I just have to try not to get distracted by that amazingly detailed and plotty zombie apocalypse dream I had the other night…


I’m still sewing and crocheting away, when I get the chance. At the moment I’m making school summer dresses for Daisy. Yeah, with only three days left of the summer term. Ah well. They should fit her next year, too.

I’m trying to blog regularly about my crafting projects, over on my other blog, Anna-Jo Sews, so if you’re interested in that kind of thing, head on over!


This has all been pretty positive. I’m taking the time most mornings to work out again, and occasionally get to go on a run. Also, I’ve started eating Paleo (ish). Well, Primal, really, as I still indulge in a fair bit of dairy, and I’m none too strict. Basically I’m not really eating grains and I’ve cut right down on legumes, refined sugars, junk food, etc. There’s lots of fruit, veg, meat, fish, eggs and dairy in my diet now, so all good stuff.

As a result I’m feeling amazing! No more brain fog from low blood sugar. No more “must eat NOW!!!” cravings, and best of all, I’ve lost most of the baby pounds :) Oh, and my skin is clearer and smoother, so it’s all good. Strange to give up biscuits and bread after all these years, but even stranger, I don’t really miss them. You’ll prise my dark chocolate out of my cold, dead hands, though 😛

Anyway, that’s most of what’s been going on in my world. What have you all been up to?

Big hugs,

Jo xxx


14 thoughts on “Yoohoo! I’m back! Major catch-up post.

  1. Wow. You have a lot going on! Congrats on the new house 😀

    I’m traveling the coast of Norway in our 32 feet sailboat. I now know how it is to really live in a boat. If it hadn’t been for the cold winters up here, I think I’d want to try it permanently. And the best of it all is, there’s no room for clutter. Everything has to have its own place and it is super easy to tidy up and keep the place clean 😍

    I’m not reading much either, still struggling with my “reading block”. But I’ve started embroidering a bunad for my daughter, Rebekka. I’m also in the process of buying a new (used) sewing machine. And maybe an overlock machine. We’ll se how that pans out.
    Have a wonderful summer!
    PS: i can see why Daisy takes so many selfies. She’s cute as a button 😉

    • Yay, so great to hear from you, Cathy! Travelling by boat sounds wonderful–I’ve heard the coast of Norway is stunning. I remember I liked that clutter-free aspect of boat living. It really makes you evaluate what’s important enough to keep with you :)

      I didn’t know you were an embroiderer. I dabble occasionally, but it doesn’t seem to be as trendy as other textile crafts have become in recent years. Maybe it will catch up…

      And yes, she’s adorable!

  2. More PS

    The house looks wonderful by the way. I really love the 70’s look and have started to decorate our apartment in a mix of new and 70’s Scandinavian design. I just live to go to the thrift store, looking for treasures. Good luck on settling in and making the place your own. If you scrub the tiles in the kitchen and then prime them, you can paint the tiles as a temporary solution, to brighten the place up.

    • Ooh, we’re planning on going for the 70s Scandi look as much as possible too. It seems to be called the Danish style over here, for some reason :)

  3. I’m with you on the dark chocolate. Got some recently with bits of cranberries in it. Just a little bit of tart flavor was wonderful.


  4. Great photos there. I’m slowly edging closer to having my house fully renovated, and then I might start writing properly again.

    Are you still taking book orders for the UK Meet?

  5. YAY for a catch up post! Kids are ADORABLE and growing up so FAST!

    Love the pics of the house! And wow, you’re right, that bathroom is definitely ready for porn 😀

    We’re trying to clear out our DVR – it’s like a never-ending process LOL. Always new stuff to watch.

    Sounds like your health and diet are good. Good for you!! I have a second surgery at the end of this month and then besides Tamoxifen I should be good to go.

    Good luck with the writing and the new releases…

    • Thank you so much! They do grow like weeds, especially in the summer :)

      Good luck with the surgery. Hope it all goes smoothly and you can put it all behind you.

      Hugs xx

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