Custom Fit guest blogging!

Hey Peeps, how’s things?!

I’ve spent a couple of lovely days at the seaside with my family, and am now back home and back to work. Kind of. I’ll probably get out in the sun this afternoon as it’s so beautiful!

Anyway, I’m doing a bit of guest blogging this week. Check out the following, if you’re interested in knowing more about the background to Custom Fit. All posts give you a chance to enter the giveaway for more of my books:

Sinfully Gay Romance: do clothes have a place in sex scenes? Are you a socks-on or socks-off kind of person?!

An exclusive (and NSFW) excerpt at Lillian Francis’ blog

Joyfully Jay: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Lovely review at Diverse Reader

Lovely review by Helena Stone at The Way She Reads

There’s a couple more guest blogs coming up, so watch this space!

Ciao for now. I have to go and make swag for the UK Meet. Can’t believe it’s next weekend. Eek!!!

Big hugs,

Jo x

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