Yes, occasionally people have asked me what I think about stuff, and being an opinionated so-and-so, I’ve obliged. The results can be found below – venture with caution!

Barbara Elsborg’s blog, 15th January 2012 – the lovely Barbara Elsborg asks me about my writing, and I confuse all non-Brit readers by referring to how I love to eat rocket on bruschetta.

Fallen Angels Reviews, October 2011 – Linda interviewed me about Barging In and my writing habits. I also confess to having a yen for cold roast potatoes dipped in mayonnaise.

Lou Harper’s blog, 30th September 2011 – my faithful critique partner interviews me about the story behind Barging In, where I’d choose to go in the TARDIS, and posts a few pictures of my old boat.

Dawn’s Reading Nook, 29th September 2011 – writing process and my superhero power of choice!

Erotica for All, 8th August, 2011 – my writing process and rambling on about all sorts.

Reviews by Jessewave, 7th July, 2011 – a group interview with my fellow editors of the British Flash and Tea and Crumpet anthologies.

Brief Encounters, 1st April, 2011 – ten of my favourite British things.