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Welcome to my blog, where I ramble on about writing, my life, and sometimes post dirty pictures.

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Motivation Monday

Where I post about what I aim to get done this next week, along with a brief update on how I did with my aims for the previous week. Will include writing as well as craft related stuff, and will be functioning like a master “to do” list, and hopefully replacing the myriad scribblings on backs of envelopes currently covering my desk…

Throwback Thursday

I’m already posting old pics of myself once a week on Facebook, but I’ll start sharing them here too, you lucky people :P

Social Saturday

This will be the real life update part of what was formerly Update Monday. Expect cute Daisy pics on a regular basis. And please, come along and share what you’ve been up to. I love to hear what all my regular commenters are up to!

Vintage Smut Sunday

Because I adore vintage porn and have been collecting it wherever I can. I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite drawings or photographs each week. I can’t guarantee it will happen every week as it takes me ages to set up these posts, but I’ll do my best as it’s such fun!

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Motivation Monday: in which napping becomes a life goal

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you’ve all had a good week, and that the dreary November weather isn’t getting you down if you live in the Northern hemisphere.

Here’s what I hoped to do last week, and how I actually managed:

  • Write 10,000 words of Custom Fit – I only wrote 3551 words in the end, but I’m still happy with this. I’ve planned out all the rest of the scenes, so I’m confident I can get this wrapped up in the next few weeks.
  • Post some Vintage Smut Sunday pics – yes, at last!
  • Get some framed photos up on the wall - I did frame one picture, but realised I would need to get a different sized mount than the one that came with the frame. I think I might have to learn how to cut them myself…
  • Go shopping for essential baby stuff at the local 2nd hand NCT sale. - Done! Got a rocking moses basket and a barely used washable nappy system, along with some smaller stuff like a bunny snowsuit (cute!) and a sleeping bag. My house is slowly filling up with baby stuff–so far all of it second-hand, which is nice.

This week’s goals:

  • Nap every day, even if only for fifteen minutes.
  • Write 10,000 words of Custom Fit
  • Write a couple of guest blog posts I’ve been asked for.
  • Send in my Maternity Allowance claim form. Ugh. Forms.
  • Complete the back piece for at least one of my unfinished quilts.
  • Do a bit more Christmas and/or baby shopping.

There, that’s plenty, methinks.

What have you all been up to this last week? Do you have any plans for the week ahead?

Jo x


Vintage Smut Sunday: summer fun (male nudity – NSFW)

As the nights draw in up here in the Northern hemisphere, I’m feeling in need of some sunshiney warmth. Here are three pics of naked men having fun in the great outdoors, playing games and generally indulging in a bit of horseplay. They’re not explicit erotica, and could probably be viewed as naturist pics, but they’re definitely homoerotic!


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Motivation Monday on a Tuesday… Again!

Okay, I’ll admit it, I haven’t been looking after my blog just lately. Life has been way too busy, and I’m slowing right down now I’m well into the third trimester (due in about six weeks–eek!). I’ve had to prioritise my health, my friends and family, and writing the stories I’ve committed to deadlines for. I also snuck in a short trip to Spain with the boyfriend for a much-needed spell of sunshine and swimming in the Med.

Selfie with Andy in Spain

Selfie with Andy in Spain

One thing I did start up, though, was a Facebook group for socialising, giveaways, sharing teasers from WIPs, etc, so if any of you are Facebook users and fancy joining up, check out Jo’s House of Smut :)

Anyway, the last set of goals I shared was on Oct 20th, and I did brilliantly with them :)

  • Complete first round of Samhain content edits on Scrap. – both rounds of content edits now complete.
  • Start work on next short novella (provisional title: Locked Out) - finished and with the proofreader.
  • Add new review snippets to the How to Train Your Dom page here on the site. – Okay, I might not have done this one.
  • Make Daisy an Anna from Frozen dressing up outfit. – Yes! Finished it just half an hour before the party started! And here’s what a cutie she looked in it!

Daisy's Anna from Frozen costume

  • Host two birthday parties for Daisy: one for family on Sunday, and one for her friends on Monday.Luckily I only had to do the one for her friends, but it went really well and they all had a good time.
  • Do some exercise every weekday–either a long walk or my pregnancy exercise DVD.I’ve been trying. Walking has happened. Most days…

This week’s goals

I don’t have any more publisher deadlines till the end of March (phew!), but I do want to get the Tailor Made sequel, Custom Fit, written before the baby comes so that I can self-publish it in February. At least it’s only a novella :)

So, here’s what I hope to manage this week:

  • Write 10,000 words of Custom Fit
  • Post some Vintage Smut Sunday pics
  • Get some framed photos up on the wall. I have the frames. Just been lacking the time to do anything about them.
  • Go shopping for essential baby stuff at the local 2nd hand NCT sale. Pregnant women get in first. Yay!

And honestly? Right now I think that’s plenty. I plan to get plenty of napping in too as I’m not sleeping all that well at the moment. Pesky baby, constantly kicking my ribs!

How have all of you been doing? I’ve missed hearing your news every week.

Jo xxx

Interview with Jay Northcote

Today we’d like to welcome Jay Northcote to the blog. Welcome Jay!

Hi there! Thanks for having me today. It’s lovely to visit.

Rach: Congratulations on the release of Nothing Ventured. You’ve recently completed the Monster Race, which is similar to the Mad Mucker you have Aiden and Matt do in the book, what on earth possessed you to do that? Did it help with your research?

Jay: Sadly, it was far too late to be any use for research. I did the race on the 1st of November and even the edits were completely finished by then. But it was the research I did for Nothing Ventured that inspired me to enter. I’ve often done a bit of running for fitness, but when I started writing the book I hadn’t run for several months because of a knee injury. Writing about Aiden’s training made me miss running, so I started again. And when I read about the Tough Mudder and the Monster Race and looked at photos, it got me wondering whether I could handle doing something like that. My husband talked me into entering with him. Here we are, wading through The Bog of Eternal Stench (aptly named).


It was incredibly tough—physically as well as mentally, but I really enjoyed it and might be persuaded to do something similar in the future. I also managed to raise over £200 for the Albert Kennedy Trust, which I was really pleased about. If anyone reading would still like to sponsor me you can do it here. And there is a full account of the race on my blog.

Rach: You self published The Dating Game (which I loved btw) how did you find that experience compared to going through a publisher?

Jay: Aw thank you! I’m glad you liked it. My experience of self-publishing has been very positive so far. I found it sold comparably to my other titles and there wasn’t too much extra work involved. The formatting was a bit of a pain and I put quite a lot of extra effort in with promo, but overall it was definitely worth the time.

Rach: Who is your auto-buy author?

Jay: If I have to pick just one then it would be Eli Easton. I think I’ve read all her books now and I’ve enjoyed every one of them. You know how some authors just hit that sweet spot for you? Eli’s books always have just the right blend of sweetness, angst and sexiness, and her pacing suits me too. It’s a match made in reader/writer heaven.

Rach: What is your favourite genre to read?

Jay: Predictably—perhaps—it’s M/M romance. Since I started reading M/M, I don’t often read outside the genre. I will sometimes read literary fiction (usually for my book group), or dabble in YA, but M/M is my happy place.

Rach: Which of your characters would you invite to dinner and why?

Jay: Can I have all of them? I guess that would be quite a lot of people to feed now, but we could always get takeaway. I would honestly like to meet all of them in the flesh. I could invite all the nice secondary characters too and we could have a party!

Rach: It’s been a year since your first book, Nothing Serious, was released and you’ve had five books out since then, what’s next? Can we expect another six books in the next year?

Jay: It was actually five books in my first year of publishing (I’m not counting short stories), because Nothing Ventured is coming out after my publishing anniversary.
I’m not sure if I’ll manage five in year two, but that’s what I’m aiming for. I have a Christmas novella that should be out in early December, then I have one other manuscript that’s completed and scheduled for editing in January—so that one is likely to be out in February sometime. So that will make three. After that it’s a blank slate but I have an idea for a sequel to The Dating Game which will probably be my next project once I’ve got this Christmas story finished. So maybe I’ll manage to make it another year of five if all goes well.

Rach: Thanks for taking time out of your busy release week schedule to chat!

Nothing Ventured is out tomorrow, 12th November and you’re in for a real treat, I’ve been lucky enough to read it already.



When Aiden agrees to run the Mad Mucker—a twelve-mile muddy slog over an obstacle course—he’s expecting it to be a bit of a laugh. The training will be tough, but Aiden could use the motivation to regain some fitness.

Matt is the sexy cousin of one of Aiden’s coworkers and a last-minute addition to the team. When he agrees to train with Aiden, Aiden suddenly finds the prospect of regular workouts a lot more appealing.

Soon attraction flares, and they embark on an intense physical relationship. Matt doesn’t want to fall in love with a man, and Aiden doesn’t want to fall in love at all, but despite their insistence on no strings, they grow closer. As the day of the race approaches, time is running out for them to work out how they feel about each other.


They moved on to discuss training more specifically. Liv, of course, had already planned out her schedule and suggested the rest of them do the same.
“It helps me focus if I make a plan and stick to it,” she was saying. “I’ll be running four days a week and going to the gym for weight training twice. That gives me one day of complete rest a week.”
“One whole day!” Aiden shook his head as he picked up his now nearly empty pint. “Careful, your muscles might atrophy or something.”
He drained the last dregs and wiped the foam from his lip with the back of his hand. He caught Matt watching him as he did it, and he licked his lips deliberately. He couldn’t resist flirting with the man even though his interest was completely unreciprocated. The bloke looked as though he had a stick up his arse, and Aiden couldn’t imagine he’d like anything more interesting up there. Shame. Aiden wouldn’t have minded trying.
Liv’s voice snapped him out of daydreams about Matt’s arse and back to the here and now. “So how many times a week will you be aiming to run, Aiden?”
“Oh… um, yeah. Three or four, I guess,” he said vaguely. “That sounds about right. And I’ve got some weights at home, so I can use those if I don’t make it to the gym.” They were at the back of a cupboard, gathering dust.
“Matt lives near you. Maybe you could train together?” Liv had a wicked glint in her eye. “It’s always motivating training with someone else. It’s so easy to wimp out on a rainy day if you’re not answering to anyone, isn’t it?”
“I suppose,” Aiden replied warily. “But I don’t think it’s necessary. I wouldn’t want to slow Matt down.”
He expected Matt to agree. Why the hell would Matt want to train with him? Aiden hadn’t exactly made a great first impression. There was no way he’d want Aiden tagging along behind him and cramping his style.
But surprisingly, Matt grinned at him. The evil, slightly too knowing look in his eye was familiar, and for the first time Aiden could see the family resemblance between him and Liv. “I think that’s a great idea.”
Aiden opened his mouth, but for once he was at a loss for words. He closed it again and swallowed.
“Brilliant,” said Liv. “Make sure you swap numbers, then, so you can arrange something.”
Matt got out his phone. “We can start tomorrow after work. What’s your number?”
Aiden knew when he was beaten. It seemed he’d acquired a training partner. An annoying, bossy, sexy but tragically straight training partner. But at least the view of Matt’s arse would be nice while Aiden was trying to keep up with him.

Author Bio

Jay lives just outside Bristol in the West of England, with her husband, two children, and two cats.
She comes from a family of writers, but she always used to believe that the gene for fiction writing had passed her by. She spent years only ever writing emails, articles, or website content. One day, she decided to try and write a short story–just to see if she could–and found it rather addictive. She hasn’t stopped writing since.

Buy links:

Facebook profile
Facebook Author Page
Jay’s books

Interview With KJ Charles

Good day to you all, Rach here, as Jo is off lounging round a pool in sunny Spain I’m hijacking her blog! Here’s my interview with the lovely KJ Charles whose A Charm of Magpies Series is a firm favourite of mine and Jo’s.

Welcome, I was going to offer you tea or coffee but it seems champagne is in order! Massive congratulations on your publishing deal with Loveswept for your Society of Gentlemen trilogy. You must be very excited, it’s a double whammy, being that it’s going to be Loveswept’s first queer romance.

I’m absolutely thrilled. I feel very strongly that queer and het romance should be published side by side and I’m so happy that the big publishers are starting to do that. And obviously I’m thrilled to be in the vanguard of this. I just hope I can do a suitably good job to fly the flag…

As a huge fan I’m extremely excited too!
It’s only been just over a year since The Magpie Lord was released, did you ever think then that a year later you would be writing full-time?

Good grief, no. I expected Magpie Lord to sell about 12 copies. I was amazed by the reception it got. I started wondering what it would take to go full-time in spring, when it became apparent that I had my writing mojo back. We set a date of Christmas to look at the money, but I was very unhappy in my job, and then I got signed by the wonderful Deidre Knight, my agent, and my husband said, the hell with it, hand in your notice and give it a try. That obviously was extremely scary, so it was, on the whole, pretty nice to flog a trilogy to Loveswept within a month of leaving the job.

Hahaha yes I can imagine, and a relief! The Magpie Lord was the first full length historical I’d read, I never thought I’d be interested in reading them, it was only Jo who convinced me and since then historical has become one of my favourite genres. So thank you for the introduction.
There are 3 Charm of Magpie books and a novella, is Flight going to be the last outing of Lord Crane and the lovely Stephen Day?

Oooh. Well. There’s the novella (which is Charm of Magpies 2.5, but publisher reasons) in January. Then, in February, there’s Jackdaw, which basically tells the story of Jonah, one of the villains from Flight of Magpies. Which is fun because just as Jonah is Stephen and Crane’s antagonist in Flight, they turn up as the antagonists in Jackdaw. Well, the hero and the villain all depend on which way you look at the story, after all. /evil grin/
So Stephen and Crane will be back for that. Otherwise, not sure. I think the story arc that began in Magpie Lord is finished, definitely, but there are doubtless adventures to be had and the world opening up for them. I’ve nothing planned, but it’s not ruled out, put it that way!

I’m really looking forward to reading all about Jonah and Ben in Jackdaw, it’s going to be interesting to see Stephen as the villain (though I’m sure I’ll adore him just the same). Is Jackdaw a standalone?

It is a standalone, definitely. It wasn’t a book I planned to write at all, the story just took hold of me, but I’m really happy with it. In part, it was such enormous fun to show Crane and Stephen from the outside. When you aren’t privy to their thoughts and feelings and care, and when you’re on the wrong side, Stephen can be quite the bastard. Just as Jonah is*not* hero material in Flight of Magpies…

I’m glad we only have few months to wait.
You have another duo that are much-loved, will we be hearing some more from The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal?

Oh yes. Discussion is underway, so I can’t confirm anything on dates, but there will be a full set of Simon Feximal stories coming. It’ll be a kind of novel in short stories, various cases and happenings to cover about five years of their lives. I already know how it’s going to end. I’ll be writing those in between the Regency trilogy, keep my hand in with Victorian paranormal…

Excellent! We definitely need more of them.
I’ll let you go in just a minute Just a couple of quick ones for you.
What’s your favourite genre to read?
Who is your automatic buy author?

Historical and fantasy all the way, and ideally both. I’m not a massive contemporary reader generally. Autobuy authors…Alexis Hall, Harper Fox, Jordan L Hawk, Alex Beecroft, to name but four.
I hardly ever touch BDSM as it mostly just isn’t me, but I really enjoyed How to Train Your Dom. Very human and likeable and really interesting power balances!

Ahh yes, I loved it too, though I’m slightly biased lol!
Thank you so much for your time, I’m going to go curl up on my sofa with Flight now :)

Purchase Flight Of Magpies Here
KJ Charles Blog
KJ’s Facebook

Motivation Monday: getting my energy back

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting this last couple of weeks. I was absolutely wiped out by tiredness and thought I must have been coming down with something, but then found out that I had borderline anaemia, which explained everything. I don’t know why I never recognise the symptoms as I’ve had it before–poor iron absorption runs in my family. Anyway, over the last few days I’ve started to get my energy back as I’ve been taking plenty of extra iron, but I’ve been taking things easy and getting as much rest as I can. This is why I didn’t get much writing work done this last couple of weeks.

But this weekend has been lovely, as I went on a “not at GRL” spa retreat with some other writers and readers: Rachel Maybury, Anna Martin, Jay Northcote, Lily G. Blunt and Annabelle Jacobs. We had a lovely time being pampered, hanging out in the hot tub and eating good food. I’ve come home refreshed, and with plenty of inspiration for future projects. Can’t wait to get started on my next novelette!

spa retreat girlsSo, here’s what I actually managed to get crossed off my last “to do” list:

  • Get the second draft of Scrap finished and sent to betas. - It was such a good feeling to get this sent off to betas and to my Samhain editor. Whew! Only a couple of weeks overdue ;)
  • Add new review snippets to the How to Train Your Dom page here on the site - nope.
  • Do some exercise every weekday–either a long walk or my pregnancy exercise DVD - nope. Too tired.
  • Carry on with the 20 min tidies and get the kitchen craft shelves more organised – ditto.

This week’s aims:

  • Complete first round of Samhain content edits on Scrap.
  • Start work on next short novella (provisional title: Locked Out)
  • Add new review snippets to the How to Train Your Dom page here on the site.
  • Make Daisy an Anna from Frozen dressing up outfit.
  • Host two birthday parties for Daisy: one for family on Sunday, and one for her friends on Monday. I don’t have enough room in the house to have everyone at once.
  • Do some exercise every weekday–either a long walk or my pregnancy exercise DVD.

Yep, it’s Daisy’s ninth birthday next Monday, so I know much of my week will be dominated by prepping for her parties and getting her presents made and wrapped. I just want to make it a truly special day for her, especially as I’ll be off to Spain without her for a short break the following day! So if you don’t hear from me next Monday, just assume it’s because I’m up to my eyeballs in packing summer clothes and prepping party food :)

Oh yes, and I have round 2 of the dreaded dental treatment on Wednesday. Yay…

What are you all up to this week?

Jo xxx



Release Day Interview with Anna Martin & MJ O’Shea

Today is the debut of a new series of interviews hosted by my fabulous book buddy, PR Bitch, and all round star, Rachel Maybury. Rach will be inviting a number of authors we’ve both enjoyed to have a chat about their books, and today is the turn of Anna Martin and MJ O’Shea on the release of the first in their new series, Macarons at Midnight. This interview is a (slightly edited) transcript of what took place on Facebook chat :)

Take it away, Rach…

Rachel: Welcome ladies, take a seat, make yourselves comfortable, tea? Coffee? G&T?

Anna: GIN. always gin.

Rachel: No Sober for October for you then Anna?

Anna: Nope. It’s Halloween this month! Halloween night out will be epic.

Mj: Oh and I have blueberry hibiscus tea with almond milk. that sounded really Washington didn’t it…

Anna: No comment.

Rachel: Keeping it simple then

Mj: Always! I’m a tea addict. I haven’t had coffee in a while so tea! all the way.

Rachel: Always fruit tea or do you drink English tea too?

Mj: I should send you a picture of my tea collection you’d laugh
the answer is yes. I drink it all.

Anna: (I’m already laughing)
(with you, not at you )

Rachel: Yes I need a pic! Lol!

Mj: Okay lol. two seconds. My kitchen is around the corner. Continue reading

Motivation, Mon… erm, Tuesday

I have to admit, this hasn’t been my most productive week. Things have kept cropping up, and then I had my dental treatment on Thursday which wiped me out for days afterwards. It was a root planing to remove an acute gum infection, and the appointment was two hours long. I didn’t feel a thing (thank you, private dentistry and effective anaesthetics!) but it was still a traumatic experience and I’m not particularly looking forward to getting the left side of my mouth treated in a few weeks. I also now have to use an intimidating array of interdental brushes twice a day for the rest of my life if I want to keep my teeth. It takes me 20 minutes to brush my teeth now!

Then I had some time on Sunday afternoon to work, but ended up having to deal with a website issue. Someone had recently hacked into the site and inserted malware hidden away in the code, redirecting mobile browsers to a porn site instead of my website. Fortunately after scratching my head for an hour or so, someone reminded me of a lovely IT expert I met at Eroticon, and he was able to fix it all for me within a couple of hours, and for a very reasonable price. Site security is now greatly improved, but please do let me know if you notice anything that isn’t as it should be. I will always take action!

Then yesterday I had a midwife appointment in the morning (all is well for me and the babe!), but instead of being able to work for the rest of the day, I ended up having to drive the boyfriend back to work in Bristol as his car broke down in my driveway. Still, that’s life as a self-employed writer for you. You can never predict what’s going to scupper your plans for work!

Anyway, here’s what I’d hoped to get done:

  • Get the second draft of Scrap finished and sent to betas. – I did get another couple of sections sent out, but still have a quarter of the novel left to work on.
  • Respond to the comments on my last two Blog Tour posts. – Don’t think I ever got to the last one. Bad me!
  • Add new review snippets to the How to Train Your Dom page here on the site. – Nope
  • Do some exercise every weekday–either a long walk or my pregnancy exercise DVD. – Nope. Was too tired.
  • Carry on with the 20 min tidies and get the kitchen craft shelves more organised. – Ditto
  • Work on clearing garden waste and taking it to the tip (with help!) – Yes! Having help made all the difference.
  • Go to IKEA and buy frames, plant pots and bathroom storage. – Yes!
  • Get up into the loft (with help!) and check out how much baby stuff I have left. – Yes! But very little baby stuff left. Will definitely have to go and buy lots of new things.

This week’s aims:

  • Get the second draft of Scrap finished and sent to betas.
  • Add new review snippets to the How to Train Your Dom page here on the site.
  • Do some exercise every weekday–either a long walk or my pregnancy exercise DVD.
  • Carry on with the 20 min tidies and get the kitchen craft shelves more organised.

This week’s aims are simply the things I didn’t get done last week :)

How about the rest of you? Did you have a productive week, or are you planning one?

Vintage Kinks finish off the How to Train Your Dom Blog Tour

How To Train Your Dom In Five Easy Steps coverI’ve blogged over on the fantastic Love Bytes Reviews about two kinks with a long history that Eddie and Jeff indulge in.

And this is the last post, so your last chance to win either a couple of backlist titles or a signed paperback. Comment over there for a chance to win!


Many of the other posts still have open giveaways. Check out the itinerary here.