Unsexy Professions: a Caught! blog tour post by JL Merrow

Unsexy Professions

Hi, I’m JL Merrow, and I’m tickled pink to be visiting my good friend Jo Myles today as part of the Caught! blog tour.

Caught72webFallHard72webGiveaway: I’m offering a free signed paperback copy of my Icelandic-set romantic suspense novel Fall Hard (I’m happy to ship internationally) to a randomly chosen commenter on the tour, plus a $10 Amazon gift certificate!

I’ll be making the draw around teatime on Monday 1st September, GMT. Good luck! 😀

Some memories are better off lost in the mist… Fall Hard

“Every profession has its pitfalls. Doctors, for example, are always being asked for free medical advice, lawyers are asked for legal information, morticians are told how interesting a profession that must be and then people change the subject fast

–         Neil Gaiman

ratThere are a lot of books around, particularly in the romance genre, with heroes in sexy professions. Cowboys are a subgenre all by themselves, and the shelves are overflowing with books about firemen, soldiers, veterinarians and cops, to name but a few. People like these guys. They’re masculine as hell, and you know you can rely on them in a crisis.

So why did I choose to write about a rat catcher, possibly the least sexy profession you can imagine?

no soldiersWell, time to ‘fess up—actually, some of you will know this already: it was entirely down to a jokey Yahoo group discussion of unsexy professions. Someone—possibly even me—suggested rat catcher, and immediately the plot bunny had me by the throat.

You see, I like bucking trends, in a quiet, British sort of way. My characters are not, as a rule, big macho firefighters or armed-to-the-teeth military men—they’re more likely to be bumbling accountants, academics or engineers.

And I’m not the only one, of course: the lovely Jo herself has written about loo cleaners and professional declutterers.

After all, why shouldn’t the less overtly sexy professions have a bit of love, too?


Question: what’s the least sexy profession you can think of? (Fair warning: if the bunny bites I may write a book about it—if I haven’t already done so!)


JL Merrow is that rare beast, an English person who refuses to drink tea.  She writes across genres, with a preference for contemporary gay romance, and is frequently accused of humour. Her novel Slam! won the 2013 Rainbow Award for Best LGBT Romantic Comedy.

She is a member of the UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet organising team.

Find JL Merrow online at: www.jlmerrow.com, on Twitter as @jlmerrow, and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/jl.merrow


Caught72lgYou can run from the past…but the past runs faster

Shamwell Tales, Book 1

Behind Robert’s cheerfully eccentric exterior lies a young heart battered and bruised by his past. He’s taken a job teaching in a village primary school to make a fresh start, and love isn’t part of his plans. But he’s knocked for six—literally—by a chance encounter with the uncle of two of his pupils.

Sean works in pest control, rides a motorbike, and lives on a council estate. On the face of it, he shouldn’t have anything in common with Robert’s bow-tie, classic-car style and posh family background. Yet Robert is helpless to resist Sean’s roguish grin, and a rocky, excruciatingly embarrassing start doesn’t keep the sparks between them from flaring.

Despite Robert’s increasingly ludicrous attempts to keep his past where it belongs, his past hasn’t read the memo. And soon his secrets could be the very things that drive Sean away for good…

Warning: contains the alarming misadventures of a pest control technician, a stepsister with a truly unfortunate name, and a young man who may have more bow ties than sense.

Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk | Samhain

Blogging with Lou Harper… and there’s a giveaway!

AcademicPursuits_coverTailor Made cover - art by Lou HarperMe and Lou Harper are blogging over at Joyfully Jays with an interview and excerpts from our recently re-released college romances, Tailor Made and Academic Pursuits. Comment to be in with a chance of winning both books!


PS – I know I’ve been very quiet here this week. That’s because after all the excitement of Eroticon at the weekend, Daisy came down with a stomach bug on Sunday evening. She’s ended up having to have the whole week off school. She seems to be better now, and so far I’ve avoided coming down with it *fingers crossed*. Will do a proper update next Monday. Ciao for  now!

A couple more guest blogs and giveaways

Tailor Made cover - art by Lou Harper

Today I’m at Mrs. Condit and Friends giving some random and (occasionally) fascinating facts about me. Yep, nothing like a bit of narcissism, eh? 😉


And yesterday I was chatting over at the new review blog, Prism Book Alliance. Check it out. Both posts have giveaways attached!


That’s all for now, peeps. Hope the weather isn’t too biblical where you are! Somerset is being hammered by storms and flooding on a massive scale, so I’m feeling profoundly grateful I chose to live in the hilly part with no large trees by my house.

Tailor Made on Amazon, and some other links

Tailor Made cover - art by Lou HarperThe second edition of Tailor Made is now available for you to buy on Amazon. Yay!


And here’s a link to a guest blog post and giveaway:


And reviews have been appearing left, right and centre. Here are a few of my favourites!




That’s all for now, folks. I’ll be back mentioning a couple of guest blog spot in the next few days. Thank you to everyone who’s bought a copy of Tailor Made, and who’s helped boost the signal in any way on blogs, social media and by leaving reviews 😀

Own Cosmo in print! Paperback giveaway contest

StS paperbacksHello, dear readers! I’m excited to announce the release of Screwing the System in paperback at last–a year after it first appeared in electronic form. Doesn’t Cosmo look gorgeous in dead tree format?!

You can buy the in various places online, but I thought I’d run a little giveaway for all my loyal followers here. Just comment on the post below before 11pm on 9th February (GMT) and I’ll enter you into a draw for a signed copy, which I’ll send anywhere in the world. Winner will be announced on 10th Feb.

I’ll be running a similar contest in my newsletter. In fact, I give away a book to one subscriber with every single newsletter I send out, so if you’re not yet subscribed, why on earth not? I only send out newsletters when I have new releases, so no need to worry about your inbox filling up with spam. Just pop your email in the box below (by 9th Feb) and you’re entered for that paperback draw too.

And here’s the Screwing the System blurb for anyone who needs a refresher in just what I’m going on about:

Screwing the System coverHe’s nobody’s bitch. Until he gets a ride on the bitch seat.

Forced to apply for a job he doesn’t want, Cosmo Rawlins has only one aim in mind: fail the interview and get back to making music. Except his attempt to shock the older, sharp-suited Alasdair Grant doesn’t have the desired effect.

Instead of getting thrown out of the office by flaunting an interest in BDSM, Cosmo finds himself on his knees, apologizing to the sexy, good-looking Top.

Alasdair has more important things on his mind than training a novice sub, especially a rebellious bad boy like Cosmo. But there’s something beneath the younger man’s defiant attitude that’s too intriguing to ignore.

As Alasdair takes Cosmo in hand—and for a wild ride on his Harley—he becomes obsessed with bending the young rocker to his will, both in and out of bed. Until he goes one demand too far, and Cosmo is gone in a cloud of dust. Forcing Alasdair to admit that earning Cosmo’s loyalty—and love—will involve the toughest challenge he’s ever faced.

Warning: This title contains an overbearing Top with a less-than-glamorous job, a rebellious brat who refuses to call him sir, and a total lack of high-end BDSM clubs or playrooms. Expect floggings over the kitchen table instead.

Paperback buy links:
Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk | Samhain

Yet another Merry Gentlemen interview and giveaway!

Yep, today I’m blogging over at Kim n Sarah’s place about Merry Gentlemen, and there’s a lovely pic of Scrappy the seagull, in case you were wondering what she looked like :)


PS – just a head’s up to my regular blog followers: I’m trying an experimental “guest editorial” post later, which is another way of saying someone’s paying me to put a post up with links to their products. I normally turn these offers down as I have no interest in endorsing the products in question, but this time it was for Marks and Spencer and I love that place. I hope you’ll forgive me for selling out, but Christmas is coming and I could do with a bit of extra spending money!

More Merry Gentlemen madness!

Quick fly-by post to say there’s a giveaway for a copy of Merry Gentlemen over on Stumbling Over Chaos (plus cute sleeping cat pic):


And there’s a fabulous review, interview and backlist giveaway on The Risque Redhead Reads!


Now back to sorting out this manuscript. I think Mas and Perry were about to get it on…

More blogging like a crazy thing

Here I am at Kay Berrisford’s blog, answering a few festive questions :)


Apologies to anyone who has left me a comment on a post I haven’t yet responded to. I will get around to it, but time is at a premium right now and I really, REALLY need to finish this manuscript. Deadline looming. ARRRGH!