Chapter Five

The contact only lasted a moment, just long enough to sear Giles’ lips and send fire blazing through his veins. He pulled back, about to apologise yet again when he caught the look in Smutty’s eyes. There was surprise there, and a lingering irritation, but definitely something encouraging too. Something that looked an awful lot like desire.

It had been a long time. Things had been going wrong with Fabian for months before they finally split. Sod it. A man had needs.

He wasn’t going risk talking again. Not now. But that didn’t mean he had to keep his mouth closed. Giles leant in and pressed another kiss against Smutty’s lips. This time there was the slightest response. A twitching movement and a sound that was equal parts startled and turned on. At least, Giles hoped it was that and not Smutty about to object.

“Giles, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Giles released his grip on Smutty’s shirt and slipped his arms around that slim waist.

Smutty stepped back, but Giles kept hold of him and he didn’t get far.

“This isn’t a good idea,” Smutty breathed, but he didn’t sound convinced. “We’ve only just met and I’m working for you.”

“Doesn’t matter.” The drumming of Giles’ pulse intensified as he bent in again, tugging on Smutty to bring him close. And this time there was a response. This time that slim body became pliant, those lips parted to his tongue, and the heat built between them until Giles’ blood was like magma, burning him up from the inside out. Smutty seemed to melt against him, the low sounds in his throat spurring Giles on.

Panting, Giles broke for air. “Come up to the house with me.”

Smutty shook his head. “No way.” He looked dazed but determined.

“Come on.” The fire inside ignited Giles; woke up drives long stifled by the narrow confines of his life. “We could just talk, if that’s what you want.”

At that, Smutty gave a crooked smile. “Not sure how well that would work out, given our track record.”


There was a long pause. Emotions flickered rapidly over Smutty’s features, desire warring with doubt and something that looked suspiciously like fear. He sighed. “You can come on board if you want to talk.” He pulled away and turned to the boat. “I’d better warn you though, it’s a bit . . . ramshackle. I haven’t had a chance to clean up Grouch’s shit yet.”

Giles followed, stepping up onto the deck and down into the dimly lit interior.

It was mean and cramped: one narrow room the length of the boat that Smutty walked through to the bed at the far end. Giles tried to hold his breath as he trailed after him. The funky smell emanating from the cupboard on the left of the door indicated where the toilet was situated.

But there was incense to distract him, a warm glow from the stove, and a breathtaking man lounging back on a bed, propped up on his elbows, his legs lying open. Giles turned off the part of his mind that wanted to take bleach and a scrubbing brush to every dirt-encrusted surface, and concentrated on that lean body, that halo of dreadlocks, those deep, dark eyes like blazing coals.

They drew him in, daring him to throw himself on the inferno.

Giles stepped closer, his movement causing the boat to shift slightly in the water. He stood over Smutty and stared down at him.

A smile played over Smutty’s lips. “What are you after, Giles?”

“You.” The word came out gruffer than he’d expected. It didn’t sound like his voice at all. “I want you.”

Fear flitted across Smutty’s face again – gone so fast Giles wondered if he’d imagined it.

“I don’t have any condoms,” Smutty warned. “You can’t fuck me and you can’t come in my mouth. I’m not willing to be tied up or physically hurt, but anything else is fine.”

Giles gaped. “Why would I want to hurt you?”

“No reason. I just like to get these things sorted out first. Ground rules, you know?” Smutty wouldn’t meet his eyes.

“Okay. No, that’s sensible. I can see why. I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve needed them myself, but I can see that if you . . .”

“If you what?” Smutty gave a lop-sided smile and Giles wondered if he was being mocked. “If you make a habit of shagging complete strangers? Come on, you can say it if you want to. It’s true.”

“I’m not a complete stranger. You’re not either. I mean, you know more about me than some people I’ve known for years. I just wanted you to know that I respect your–”

“Shut up, Giles.” Smutty sat up and softened his words by taking Giles’ hands. “You can put your mouth to better use than that.”

And he could. Giles fell on Smutty, pinning him to the mattress and devouring him with messy kisses. Hot and wet and sexy as sin. He ground his hips shamelessly. No need for manners in this dirty shithole of a boat. No need for decorum with a man who danced with fire. No need to be polite with someone whose skin smelt of paraffin and fresh sweat. Smutty seemed to agree, his body writhing and bucking beneath Giles’ weight. Nothing like Fabian’s cool languor.

But he didn’t want to think about Fabian right now.

Giles pulled himself up and sat back on his haunches. “Strip,” he ordered. “Please.”

Smutty’s eyes shone in the dim light and he smiled as he scrambled to his knees. They had a race to get undressed, clothes flying in all directions. Giles didn’t want to think about where they were going to land. At least the bed was clean and covered in an opened-out sleeping bag, the soft cotton lining uppermost. He collapsed onto it and watched Smutty walk over to the stove. His back was covered in a tattoo. Not a tribal pattern like Giles would have expected, but colourful flames, swirling up his spine and over his shoulder blades. It was like those designs you saw on cars in old fifties films – kitsch and flamboyant all at once. Giles chuckled, but then Smutty bent down to open the stove and all he could do was stare at those perfect buttocks.

Giles’ cock ached with need. Not getting a chance to bury himself inside Smutty was going to be harder than he’d imagined. “If I had a condom . . .” Giles trailed off, his face burning.

Smutty turned, an enquiring smile on his face. “What? You need to ask the question if you want the answer.”

But now Giles could see the front view and he lost his words. Smutty’s skin was smooth, hairless, except for the one dark trail from his navel to his groin. His cock rose from the dark thicket of curls. He was big. Longer than Giles and thick with it. Bugger. What if Smutty was a top too? He didn’t want a battle for dominance.

“Giles, you’re drooling. Get a grip.”

Giles’ face sizzled with heat. Screw Smutty. He wasn’t going to let the bloke laugh at him. “Here,” he demanded, patting the mattress beside him. It was exhilarating to see how quickly Smutty complied, laying that long body down next to his. Giles reached out and pulled him into a rough kiss, amazed to feel how smooth Smutty’s skin was against his own. He took greedy handfuls of that beautiful arse and rolled onto his back, bringing Smutty with him.

He could hardly read Smutty’s face in the dim light, and the sensation of that silky cock rubbing against his own was far too distracting. He just wanted to be inside him. Thrusting into tight, hot flesh until he forgot who he was and why he hurt.

Smutty took hold of Giles dick and set up a hypnotic rhythm, rubbing the foreskin up and down, giving a little twist and tweak at the top of each stroke. Sparks crackled through Giles’ body, waking up every nerve ending, every blood vessel, every sweat gland. But it wasn’t enough.

“Suck me,” he rasped, shocked at the need in his voice. “Please. Now.”

Giles had a vague twinge of guilt at the fact he was letting Smutty do all the work, but then thought fled as a hot, wet mouth enveloped him. He groaned from deep inside, his body melting back against the mattress even as it pressed up, desperate for more of Smutty’s mouth. But Smutty drew back, running his tongue over and around and under and back like they had all the time in the universe. Giles watched, fascinated, as that shock of dreadlocks became a fiery nimbus. To think that he was here, on a hovel of a boat, being given the most exquisite blowjob of his life by a man with crazy hair and tattoos! Him: Giles Rathbourne. The man Fabian had said didn’t have an adventurous bone in his body.

Screw Fabian.

No, wait. Screw Smutty. That was a much better idea.

Smutty made a happy sound, drawing him deep and swallowing. Giles’ balls started to draw tight and he remembered Smutty’s ground rules. Bugger.

“Enough,” he said, reaching out to touch Smutty’s hair. It was surprisingly soft, just like his skin. “Please! That’s enough. I want to . . . not like this.”

“Like how?” There was a teasing lilt to Smutty’s voice.

“Lie down,” Giles ordered. “No, facing away from me.”

There was a crease on Smutty’s brow but he went along with Giles’ request.

Giles ran his hands over the flame tattoo, mapped out those hard muscles and parted those succulent cheeks. He ran a finger over Smutty’s hole, felt him jerk at the contact, and smiled. He knew what he wanted to do now. It was by the rules and would feel almost as good as fucking.

“Do you have anything we can use as lube?” Giles asked.

Smutty’s body stiffened. “I told you,” he said, his voice tense. “Not without a condom.”

“Shhh.” Giles pressed a kiss between those shoulder blades. He scooted up so that he could lean over and talk into Smutty’s ear. “Don’t worry, I’ll be good. I just want to rub against you. On the outside. I’ll stay outside, I promise.” He ran his hand over Smutty’s chest, over the hammering heart, feeling it slow gradually as he described lazy circles with his fingertips.

Smutty licked his lips. “Okay. I should have some Vaseline. Got it for the engine.” He gave a nervous laugh. “Hang on.”

Smutty was back in moments, and Giles did his best to ignore the oily fingerprints on the outside of the tub. He took a dollop out and slathered his cock. Smutty watched, mute and blank.

“Here.” Giles patted the mattress. “Back where you were. Come on.”

There was a long moment when he didn’t think Smutty was going to join him again, leaving him lying there like a bloody fool, his prick glistening in the firelight. But then Smutty sighed and fell down beside him, landing elegantly, his body so much lither than Giles’ own.

Giles took another kiss, slower this time, trying to make it reassuring and relieved to feel the tension gradually melt out of the man’s muscles. Some bastard must have taken advantage, or tried to, at some point in the past. The thought brought with it a surge of protective feelings, strong yet tender. Giles gathered Smutty up in his arms, clutching him close, covering him with his body, kissing him into submission. And when the man was pliant and panting, Giles rolled him over and kissed his neck.



Careful not to startle him, Giles lifted Smutty’s upper thigh, nudged his cock into the cleft revealed, then pushed the leg back down again. It was just as good as he’d hoped, trapped in that febrile heat, every thrust forward pushing into Smutty’s balls and making him gasp. Smutty reached back and grabbed his hip, using the anchorage to rock into each thrust.

“Fuck! That’s good,” Smutty panted. He gave a surprised, breathless laugh.

Giles smiled against the back of Smutty’s neck. He reached around, took hold of that long prick and pumped slowly to the rhythm of his hips. Pre-come leaked over his fingers, sweat pooled between them, ragged breathing wove a damp cocoon around them. Giles tasted the salty tang of Smutty’s skin and felt the heat pooling low in his spine, simmering in his balls and threatening to boil over. He sped up the motion of his hand, wanting to drag Smutty with him, wanting to feel him twitch and convulse with pleasure.

Smutty came with a wordless cry, hoarse and desperate and just about the sexiest sound Giles had ever heard. Spunk spurted over his fingers as Smutty’s cock pulsed in his grip. With his last vestige of control he milked every last drop out, then surrendered to the incendiary desire flooding his body. Sparks ignited behind his eyelids as he shot liquid fire. The fever rushed through him, burning up everything in its path, annihilating him completely.

Giles had one last, irrational thought as he clutched Smutty tight to his chest.



Chapter Six

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