Demon du Jour

Demon du JourGavin took care when he was selecting,
But the dish he came close to rejecting,
‘Cause the Demon du Jour
Was a sexy man-whore,
Not the succubus he was expecting!


The air inside the circle of salt shimmered and pulsed like a transporter beam on the Enterprise.

Everything was prepared. He had the tarpaulin down to protect the carpet. He had the candles lit, the phone off the hook, and the fire extinguishers at the ready. Gavin licked his lips and adjusted his boxers. He knew he was meant to be naked–sky clad, the woman in the Magickal Emporium had called it–but he didn’t want to look like the kind of guy who was so desperate for a shag he’d had to call up a succubus like he would order a pizza. Not that he tended to order pizzas via magical incantation, mind you. He found the phone more reliable for fast food deliveries. But he always made sure he was wearing something to cover his skinny arse when the doorbell chimed, just like he was now.

He didn’t think he’d be able to live down the humiliation if she laughed at his dick.

Not that there was anything particularly wrong with it, as far as he could tell, anyway. Mind you, the only girl he’d ever got to the pants-down stage with had taken one look and said “No way am I having that monster inside me” before making her excuses and leaving, so he figured there must be something uncommonly ugly about it. Maybe it was the way it went purple when erect. Maybe it was the way the head flared out, making a thick ridge above the shaft. Or maybe it was the way the veins stuck out when he reached his full twelve inches. Whatever it was, he wasn’t going to chance getting it out until he knew what kind of creature she was.

Gavin glanced back down at the laminated sheet and continued to recite the incantation. Sounded a bit like Klingon, and he’d have thought it was gibberish if it wasn’t for that shimmering in the air. What would she look like? They were meant to be stunning: the embodiment of your deepest desires, so he was hoping for a blend of Lara Croft, Seven of Nine and Rose Tyler. Maybe with some tentacles. He had a bit of a thing for Japanese tentacle porn. Mind you, a tail would do just as nicely, thank you very much.

The shimmer started to coalesce into a column of light. There was a noise like the TARDIS landing. A head… a slim body… he could just make out the limbs forming when a flash seared his retinas.

Gavin blinked his way back through the darkness. A spicy scent hung in the air, sweet and smoky and ever-so-sexy. As he focused on the Ikea tealights he’d used to mark the cardinal points, he heard a low chuckle.

That was wrong.

So wrong.

As Gavin’s vision cleared he could make out more of the slim form, and it was most definitely not what he’d ordered. The legs were fine–long, lean and muscular–no, he couldn’t object to the legs. Even the reddish-bronze skin was charmingly exotic rather than freaky.

It was what came above the legs he had a problem with. Most specifically, the thing that came directly above them and jutted out at a jaunty angle.

“Well, mortal? You summoned me. What’s it to be?”

Gavin found his gaze drawn into the darkest pair of eyes he’d ever seen; gleaming like polished jet, but in entirely the wrong setting.

“You’re a man.”

“Nope. I’m all demon. The tail and horns should be a clue.”

Tail? What tail? Gavin shuddered as the long tail unfurled in a sinuous wave. The same red-bronze as the rest of the demon’s body, it had a thick, blunt, arrow-shaped end. Oh god, that shouldn’t be arousing. Not on a man. No, a demon man.

“Incubus,” he remembered, his brain battling his cock for blood supply. “You’re an incubus. I called for a succubus.”

Demon-man jutted his hips forward and leered. “I’m all succubus, baby. I give pleasure to men – it’s my calling, you might say. I turn up for those men who are secretly after a bit of man-lovin’.” He blew a kiss from his succulent mouth. Gavin really shouldn’t be wondering what those lips would feel like wrapped around his . . . body parts. Was he under the influence of some kind of mind control?

“Give pleasure . . . how?” It felt like all the air was being sucked out of Gavin’s lungs.

“Any way you want it, mortal boy. What did you have in mind? I’m guessing this wasn’t part of your plans.” Demon-man gave a slow tug on his prick, pulling back the foreskin to reveal a glowing, blood-red head. Gavin made a peculiar noise in his throat. “I expect you were after sticking that gorgeous cock of yours somewhere, weren’t you? Well, I’m good for that too.”

Demon-man lashed his tail in front of his face, caught the end with one hand and plunged it into his mouth. Gavin couldn’t look away. God, that went deep. Demon-man grinned around his tail as he pulled out the glistening length. He’d swallowed at least a foot of it. Then he wound his tongue around that thick end. Really wound it around. At least five times. Gavin was starting to wonder about the ability of his boxers to withstand the strain. His erection was so hot they were bound to burst into flames any second now. Good thing he had that fire-extinguisher on stand-by.

“Or perhaps you’d like to try a different hole?” Demon-man swivelled slowly and dropped to his knees. Those pert, shimmering buttocks parted obscenely. Gavin didn’t want to look but he really couldn’t wrench his eyes away. The tightly puckered hole glimmered. Then it winked at him.

Gavin leant back against his bedroom door. He was in serious danger of sliding to the floor, lubricated on a trail of sweat. He needed to get this Demon-man out of here. He wasn’t ready to have his sexuality challenged like this. But from behind, crouched down like that, it was almost possible to convince himself that it was a female demon there.

So long as he didn’t look at what was hanging down between those muscular thighs.

“So, are we doing this or what? Come on, I’m getting chilly here. Need some lovin’ to warm me up.” Demon-man wiggled his arse as he spoke, his voice rich as plum pudding.

Gavin closed his eyes and attempted to think through the pros and cons. No one else need ever know. He didn’t really count as a man because he wasn’t human. Gavin was already more turned on than he could ever remember being, so what difference would consummating things make? There was only one con he could think of. “I’m not gay,” he croaked. It was very important to keep reminding himself of this.

Demon-man snorted. “You mortals with your petty little labels for everything. What does it matter? Just try it out and see what you think afterwards. You can go back to being straight again if it pleases you.”

“Right. Yes. Of course.” Gavin opened his eyes and saw that Demon-man was still in position, on his hands and knees. “Oh God.”

“There’s absolutely no need to bring Him into this. Now come on. You’ll have to come to me since I can’t leave this little circle you’ve made.”

Gavin stumbled over. At some point he’d removed his boxers, but he couldn’t for the life of him remember doing it. As he stepped over the line of salt the air grew even warmer, a hot blast of fragrance assaulting his nose. It tickled and he had to fight the urge to sneeze, worried he’d lose all control and just shoot his load then and there if he let rip.

And the place he really wanted to lose himself was down between those ripe and peachy buttocks.

Gavin dropped to his knees on the tarpaulin. He shuffled forward until his cock was almost touching Demon-man’s crease. “Erm, is there anything I need to know first? Do I just shove it in there or what?”

That sound wasn’t a snigger, was it? Gavin flushed and wondered again how he’d ended up in this position.

“And they say that chivalry is dead! You can ‘shove it in’ straight away if that’s what you want. I’m ready for you.”

“We don’t need any . . . supplies?” Gavin only had a hazy idea of what these might be, and he couldn’t contemplate running down the all-night-chemist right now. He’d need to put some clothes on for a start.

“I’m a succubus. I’m always ready. Stick it to me, babe. Come on, I want to feel that gorgeous cock splitting me open. Oh yeah!”

Gavin blushed fuchsia but did as he was bid. It was tight and hot in there, but as he pushed deeper the demon started to suck him in, and before he knew what had happened he was buried balls deep, his thighs scorching against fiery flesh.

“Fucking hell!” was about the most coherent response Gavin could make. It felt like he was caught in a vice. A sizzling, pulsing, twitching vice.

Demon-man jerked his hips backwards, almost pushing Gavin over. He grabbed hold of those blazing hips with his sweaty hands, surprised that steam didn’t rise up when he made contact. Demon-man moved forward again, and Gavin watched as his cock was pulled out. It came out gleaming with some kind of oily coating. For some reason the sight of it made him groan and he thrust back inside, into the welcoming, sinful heat.

“Yeah, that’s it! Come on, do me harder. Fuck me so I’ll be feeling it for weeks. Ah!”

That last exhalation was in response to Gavin slamming in hard again. The harder and faster he went, the less Demon-man was able to talk. This was a good thing. Helped Gavin to concentrate on not coming too fast so he could enjoy the sensation of finally getting to stick his aching prick into hot, living flesh.

He was cruising along on warp seven or so, when he felt something tickle his back. Oh God, that tail! It slid down his spine and groped between his buttocks. For some reason his body insisted on pushing back against it. On wriggling and spreading and making needy, desperate noises.

And then it touched his hole.

His engines were fully engaged. Maximum warp was achieved. Gavin’s balls drew up and shot their load. It blasted out of him at the speed of light while his body quaked and shuddered. He fell into the black hole, everything swallowed up by the intensity of the moment.

He came to, aware of a strange, rasping sensation against his oversensitised skin. Where was he? He opened his eyes, focused on the tealight on his bedroom floor and moaned. He looked down. Demon-man was licking him clean, winding that wicked tongue around his cock and stirring his lust again. And this time he didn’t mind the fact that this was obviously a male face. Male lips that were closing around him and sucking him down. Because of the size of the salt circle, Demon-man was kneeling alongside him, his legs up by Gavin’s head. Gavin got an eyeful of the succubus’ huge erection. His plump, satiny balls. Gavin moaned, amazed to feel himself stiffen inside that wanton mouth.

But he was being selfish, wasn’t he? His guest still hadn’t come yet. It would only be polite to return the favour. He’d been brought up to have good manners. He grabbed hold of one red-bronze leg and lifted it over him. He wasn’t going to think too hard about what he was doing in case he stopped. This was a time to be brave. To explore new horizons. To boldly go…

He shut his eyes and licked the head of Demon-man’s prick. His mouth filled with the most exquisite flavour: like chocolate and rum with a hint of cinnamon. Ravenous, he licked it all over, then opened wide for a real mouthful. Demon-man made a delicious noise that vibrated around Gavin’s cock and sent shockwaves through his body. He swallowed hard, wishing he could fit more of that delectable dick inside him. Demon-man’s hips thrust and his wish came true. It was a shame it made him cough and splutter, but at least he didn’t lose his lunch. Eventually he worked out how to open his throat and accept as much of that tasty shaft as he could. The rest he worked with his hand.

He risked opening his eyes. He had a view of those succulent balls, that enticing hole, those taut buttocks. It wasn’t a bad view. Actually, it was pretty damn fine.

Demon-man’s hips moved faster; he made wild, keening noises and then Gavin felt the cock in his mouth pulse. He was flooded with rich, piquant seed. He gulped it down, feeling a feverish heat spread through him. Then twitching, writhing and whimpering, he emptied himself into Demon-man’s welcoming mouth.

This time when he came to it was to find Demon-man slumped down beside him, cradling him gently and gazing at him with those inscrutable sloe-eyes.

“Mmm… thanks for that,” Demon-man said. “I was freakin’ starving and then you gave me two helpings. Most generous of you.”

“‘S okay.” Gavin really didn’t trust himself to say much. Didn’t know what to think about what had just happened.

“So, you want to do this again sometime.”

“Yes.” He didn’t need to think about that one.

Demon-man chuckled. It was a low, rumbling sound and it made Gavin’s insides feel all warm and melty. “Good. I’ll give you my direct dial. Could you hand me your spell sheet?”

Gavin reached out of the salt circle for the laminated sheet. Demon-man sat up and a quill materialised out of nowhere. Amazingly enough, it managed to write on the plastic. Guess they must have permanent ink in Hell.

Demon-man handed it back to him. He’d crossed out part of the incantation and written Xander in copperplate script.

“That’s your name? Xander?” Demon-man nodded. “Hi Xander. I’m Gavin. Pleased to meet you.” He offered his hand. It didn’t seem like quite the right thing to say after what they’d just done, but he wasn’t sure what the polite alternative would be. Strangely enough, his mum had never taught him the etiquette for this situation.

Xander shook his hand and smiled. “Gavin. My pleasure. Now you make sure you call. I get terribly bored hanging out in that waiting room on the off chance I might be able to get out there when all the girls are busy.”

Gavin screwed up his brow. “What do you mean, busy?”

“They were all out, Gavin. Why d’you think you ended up with a male succubus? It wasn’t what you ordered, was it?”

“No… I…” Gavin realised how unlikely this chain of events had been. And if the girls hadn’t been busy, he would never have discovered this new side of himself.

But sometimes, when what you asked for was off the menu, the substitute turned out to be even tastier than you could have imagined.

Gavin grinned.

“I know just what to order next time.”

It was only as Xander disappeared in that shimmering beam of light that Gavin remembered something he’d said earlier. Did Gavin really have a “gorgeous” cock? He looked down at it and his eyes widened.

Yeah, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

It’s a shame he wasn’t more flexible. It looked pretty tasty.

Gavin licked his lips.


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  1. :D:D:D
    I don’t remember reading this before. Thanks so much for such a hilarious read 😀
    I’ve gone from having tears in my eyes about Smutty’s wish, to tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks.
    This story of yours is an absolute gem! 😀
    And there, in the middle of it all is the serious issue too.
    omg! that tail – just when I’d forgotten it, it came back and had me collapsed over my keyboard.
    Thanks very much for a cracking read.

    • So glad you had a giggle, Prue! 😀

      I have a real soft spot for this story – I think I should make it my next self-published freebie…

  2. This is wonderful! And I do not say that unless I mean it. Hilarious and sophisticated, and you write very well. I’ll be picking up your books for sure. Are there other writers you *really* recommend?

    I’d be flattered if you checked out my F/m erotica; I’m a noob but trying to write wittily and well also.

    Take care and keep up the awesome work!

    • Thanks, Mary! There are plenty of other m/m writers I could recommend, but I have a particular weakness for Jordan Castillo Price, KA Mitchell, LB Gregg, Lou Harper, JL Merrow and Josh Lanyon.

      You have a lovely looking blog, and some really hot stories. Love your Mary Mack poem!

  3. Oh Jo this was a cracker! Why haven’t I been over here before.
    You’ve got to put this out as a freebie… Loved Xander, he should get his own book with Gavin, so glad poor old 12 ” Gavin discovered the joys of man on man lovin’. Brilliant! See told ya Queen Of Smut;D

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