The Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss coverBy Josephine Myles

“You all right there?” Damien asked me from between my legs, as I braced my feet against the waiting room wall and dug my fingernails into the crumbling stone ledge beneath my bare arse. My jeans were bunched around my ankles, preventing me from opening my legs any wider. I felt a delicious frisson of fear; would anyone take it into their heads to find out what we were up to around the back of the station? Or was it blindingly obvious from the way we’d been eating each other’s faces off on the platform?

The narrow alleyway behind the station was cold and damp, but no worse than the soggy leaf litter I’d been kneeling in not half an hour beforehand as Damien relieved me of my virginity. I’ll tell you now, doggy style is really not the best first-timer’s position, but I’d insisted on it as we had nowhere more private to go than the woods, and the ground was far too wet to lie down on.

I realised Damien was waiting for a reply, and muttered, “Uh huh.” It was a blatant lie, but Damien had no idea that he’d just taken my cherry.