Tailor Made

Tailor Made cover - art by Lou HarperWhen Mr. Wrong measures up just right!

College tart Felix McAvoy is used to causing a stir with his conceptual art pranks, but for his final show he’s planning something even more outrageous. In a last ditch attempt to seduce his jaded tutor, Felix plans to wear the canvas in a subversive display. However, if he’s going to do this right he’ll need a tailor-made canvas suit. Fortunately, he knows just the tailor to turn to for the favour—and Felix isn’t shy about offering favours of a very different kind in return.

First year fashion student Andrew Wheeler knows Felix by reputation only–and plans to keep things that way. Andrew’s determined to save himself for the man of his dreams, and Felix couldn’t be more different from his ideal Mr Right. There’s only one use Andrew will contemplate for Felix’s body: a model for his end of year project. Trouble is, it’s going to involve a lot of close contact with a nearly naked Felix, and Andrew’s never had temptation quite so close at hand!

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contemporary, gay erotic romantic comedy
2nd electronic edition: 10th February 2014
Original publication: January 2012, Amber Allure
ebook novella – 29,000 words
Cover art by Lou Harper
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Tailor Made coverAuthor’s note:

Tailor Made was originally published as an ebook by Amber Quill Press in January 2012. This second edition has had a fresh edit but the only changes are minor. Those who purchased the original edition (cover shown left) are not missing out on any new material.

What they’re saying:

I loved this sweet story. I was pretty sure it would somehow have an HEA but couldn’t predict the path to it. Ms Myles has the skill of excellent character development and while the plot is fun, this is a character-driven story… This was my first Josephine Myles book and I am eager for more. Lots more.
5 blissful sweet peas from Mrs Condit at Mrs Condit Reads Books

Josephine Myles has artfully stitched together a story (wink, wink) that immediately drew me in with its humor and warmth. Felix and Andrew’s differences, the way in which they related to each other and drew upon their conflicting ideals while succumbing to the irresistible pull of those differences, grew into a common and mutual urge to be what the other wanted and needed, and played perfectly against the other.
5 stars from Lisa at The Novel Approach

Tailor Made was a sweet and super hot story with really great characters.  I think Myles does a fabulous job in her writing creating really layered characters that show a lot of growth and change throughout their stories, and Felix and Andrew were no exception.  I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.
4.75 stars from JayHJay at Joyfully Jay

Andrew’s thoughtful strength was built into a great character… The crash of his innocence and Felix’s experience coming together made both guys more interesting. Andrew’s quickly discovered sexual quirk was  appropriate – adding a sweet individuality and some real heat to the sexual relationship… I enjoyed this well observed college romance and thought both characters… were displayed with originality and humour.
Raine at Reviews by Jessewave

Witty English humor, snappy men and easy flowing stories are slowly becoming Josephine Myles’s trademark. Despite the unusual, it was refreshing and it made me laugh… for an afternoon read you really don’t need more than this.
Valentina Heart at The Romance Reviews

I absolutely adored the author’s use of art in this story to parallel the personalities and character growth of both Andrew and Felix… I really enjoyed this story and was impressed by everything the author was able to convey in a novella length story.
Helyce at Smexy Books

The story is filled with hot sex and fun banter (as you can probably tell from the quote). Tailor Made is an entertaining book that I recommend to fans of contemporary romance, especially for those who like their reads on the steamy side.
Brie at Romance Around the Corner

Josephine Myles has a way of taking characters, who at first blush for me seem rather annoying and obnoxious and then making me fall in love with them… A really appealing story with evidence of the author’s humour which  had me laughing out loud at one point. At poor Andrew’s expense. I highly recommend this one.
Tam at Tam Reads, Writes & Rambles

I really liked Tailor Made. The author took quite an unusual setting and a pair of likeable characters, and turned them into a heartwarming romance with a slight bite of satire which left me with a smile on my face. Grade: Excellent.
Jenre at Well Read

Tailor Made is a fun read, which is written very well and with humor. The story is set against a British college background, has two cute, likable and distinct heroes who are perfect for each other and who steam up the pages to a dense fog… This extended novella has all the ingredients for some enjoyable reading time, especially when you’re in the mood for something lighter without angst. Entertainment guaranteed!
Janna at Rarely Dusty Books

I love this author’s work! She is able to bring two men who are as different as night and day together and make beautiful sweet man love… If you are looking for a light and fun read, then look no further this story is it.
Darien Moya at Pants Off Reviews

Tailor Made is a great mix between humor and undeniable heat between the two main characters. Add some major differences in how each of the main characters approaches relationships (or run from them, in Felix’s case), and you end up with a delightful story about adapting your life to reality… I loved reading about these two! I can only hope there will be a sequel…
Serena Yates at Queer Magazine Online

Sweet and smutty m/m romance about an unapologetically slutty art student who wants to get his advisor in bed. But he’s not expecting to find himself so drawn to the fashion student he tries to shanghai into helping him with his senior project…
Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos

Ms Myles does a remarkable job conveying emotion in those oh so emotional “first time” scenes. Carry on Josephine, I’m ready to read more of your sassy stories.
Sid at Guilty Indulgence