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Junk Blog Tour BannerYou can never have too many books!

To celebrate the release of Junk on 27th August,  I’m going on a blog tour, and there are plenty of prizes along the way! In addition to the grand prize (details below) there will be a $5 ebook gift voucher awarded to one commenter from every post during the tour, up to Monday 9th September, 9am GMT (full details below)

Junk coverHere’s the itinerary:

27th August – Release Day InterviewSinfully Sexy Books
28th August – My Shameful Secret –  Joyfully Jay
29th August – The Books I Will Keep ForeverThe Novel Approach
30th August – On Losing my Series-Writing VirginityPants Off Reviews
3rd September – What Kind of a Hoarder are You?Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books
4th September – Junk or Treasure? The Things People HoardThe Armchair Reader
5th September – Help: My Heroes are both Geeks!Tam Reads, Writes and Rambles
6th September – Embarrassing ParentsWell Read

And now for the grand prize…

I’m making a fabulous reversible book tote for one lucky reader–and to prove it’s a book tote I’ll even fill it with signed paperback copies of my latest two titles, Blooming Marvellous and The Hot Floor 😀

While there aren’t actually any cowboys in Junk, I just couldn’t resist using this wonderfully kitsch Alexander Henry fabric to make one side, with some equally kitsch books on the other. Once you’ve read Junk you might spot a slender connection in the cowboy fabric, though!

NB – kitten not included in prize!

To be in with a chance of winning the grand prize, just leave a comment on this page before Monday 9th September, 9am GMT, telling me what you’d use a bag like this for, and whether you’d carry it cowboy or book side out!

The competition is now closed, and the winner is /drum roll/ VALARIE P! Congratulations, Valarie. Here are the prize winners for the book vouchers on the blog tour stops:
Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews – Jbst
Joyfully Jay – Prue
The Novel Approach – Kirifox 01
Pants Off Reviews – H.B.
Mrs Condit and Friends Read Books – Kat
The Armchair Reader – Suze
Tam Reads, Writes and Rambles – Antonia
Well Read – Amanda

I’ll do my best to get in touch with all the prize winners by email, but please feel free to contact me directly if you see this before I do! Email Cheers, and thank you all for playing along and making this blog tour so much fun 😀


The nitty gritty

The winners will be selected using by midday on 9th September. Winners will be notified by email that day, as well as being announced here, on my blog, and possibly by the participating blog tour hosts. Winners of the gift vouchers can choose the ebook retailer of their choice. The grand prize will be shipped worldwide. You do not need to leave your email address in the comments, as the blogging platforms used are clever enough to remember your log in details. Your email will not be published, and I promise not to add you to any spammy mailing lists. However, if you’d like to sign up to my newsletter, please go ahead!

58 thoughts on “The Blog Tour

  1. I would use this amazing bag to go shopping in Tesco, I would make sure I was holding it in away that shows off the sexy half naked cowboys, want to give the little old ladies (and maybe even some little old men) a nice sexy treat when they are picking up the weekly shopping! may even cause some of them to have a little dizzy turn, now wouldn’t that be a bit naughty of me! 😉

    • Fabulous idea! I bet it would give people a treat. You’re never too old to appreciate a hot cowboy ;D

  2. I’d use it book side out for school governors stuff – everyone at school knows I’m a biblioholic. Cowboys out for Atlanta and shopping in town :-)

    • Oh, nice plan! I think I’d have to have it book side out for the school run too… unless I wanted to be the most gossiped about parent there. That’s assuming I’m not already 😉

  3. OH I want this bag LOL it looks AWESOME!!! Congrats on the new release – cannot WAIT to read it 😀

    • Thanks, hon! Hope you enjoy meeting Jasper and Lewis (and their friends and family) 😀

    • Hehe – secret cowboys. I like it. Bet they’d make you grin every time you put something in the bag 😉

    • Thanks! I was really pleased with how it came out. Been wanting to use some Alexander Henry pin-ups fabric for a while now, and this was the perfect excuse 😉

  4. I would use it, book side out, for library books! My kids have appropriated my usual library bags for themselves, and the cowboys would probably shock the sweet little old lady at the circulation desk half to death… Aah, the South!

    • Hehe–you might be surprised, but who knows? 😉

      Library books need a good strong bag, and I interlined this with medium weight calico (that’s muslin to US folks), so it’s really strong with those three layers there.

  5. This is so awesome! haha! thanks so much for this awesome giveaway~~ lol…
    Heh, I would use the bookside especially for when I go to the bookstore. xD ahah… but I would use the cowboy side for when I went walking around the mall…. fufu~ That would be fun. lol…

    • I think the mall deserves cowboys. This is definitely a fabric that draws attention and smiles! ;D

  6. I would definitely let those cowboys out to play! Especially when visiting the in-laws in Wyoming! Why not, right? When in Rome…

    I’m always toting items around so who knows what could end up in this bag (well a Diet Coke for sure), anything from a snack, iPod, kid’s lovies, dolls and of course hot steamy novels!

    Can’t wait to read Junk! Love, love, love Screwing the System!

    • Perfect for Wyoming, KristyZ! I love the thought of it ending up somewhere like that 😀

      I always have a bag full of random things like that. It’s amazing what you end up carrying around when children are added into the mix. Found a Playmobil parasol in the bottom of mine today!

  7. Definitely cowboys side out to cheer up my trips into local high street – liven up Boots and Marksies! If going to the library then it may be appropriate to be book side out.

    • I like the idea of the different sides for different occasions, Suze! And Boots definitely needs livening up. M&S is pretty smashing already, though. Or maybe that’s just my stomach talking. I never, ever get bored in the M&S food hall!

  8. I would use it book-side out for carrying books to the library and to college, and cowboy-side out for holidays and on jaunts! It looks too good for Tesco’s and I think they’d faint in Waitrose…

    • Hehe–I’m not sure they’d faint in the Waitrose in Bath, but perhaps they’re made of less sturdy stuff in your local 😉

      I like the idea of it going on jaunts with you, HJ. Good luck!

    • My kittehs are going nowhere! Besides, they have fleas right now. You really wouldn’t want them 😛

  9. It would probably be adopted as my work bag, which I’ve been needing something for… and I’d be carrying it book-side out, otherwise I’d be blushing everywhere I go!

    • Ooh, a practical work bag. It’s definitely strong enough! And that way you could save your blushes for when you look inside the bag 😉

  10. Gotta love those cowboys living in this noncowboy state I would like to use the cowboy side …shopping, to work….and books inside of course. What a conversation starter!

    • Oh, definitely! Can’t want to get my own version finished and ready to take out with me. Everyone who sees the cowboys wants to talk about them!

  11. I’d carry it book-side out for most errands. Cowboy-side out for myself, and on special occasions to be determined (trips to San Francisco, Western-themed events of some sort). Your workmanship is always awesome (the flogger! the flogger!!), so I know this will be gorgeous…

    • Thanks, Trix! Again, like with the flogger I had to make a prototype version to make sure it was a quality product and iron out any flaws. Quite literally in this case. And of course it means I also have my very own cowboy bag and flogger to play with 😉

  12. Love this bag! I always end up needing a good tote – I carry so much stuff for some reason. I would have to carry it book-side out for my walks to the library, but the cowboys are far too fun to hide…I would have to use it cowboy-side out for other errands!

  13. Gotta be cowboy side out. Perfect for a couple of note pads, pens, maybe my Kindle and camera. And a couple of bottles of water. All the stuff I need to take advantage of these final weeks of summer.

    • Final weeks? Damn, don’t say that! October can be utterly lovely when the sun shines.

      And yes, it will definitely fit all of that stuff. It’s a capacious and strong tote bag!

  14. I’d probably switch between the two – I like both sides :)
    And I suspect it would end up as a knitting/yarn bag – fabric bags are just so very convenient for carrying & storing knitting projects and chunks of yarn stash. Not that my yarn stash is a little large – honest!
    (This year’s UK Meet bag is proving to be a good yarn bag as well :))

    • Oh yes, I use lots of fabric bags for yarn and sewing projects too. They’re just perfect, aren’t they? In fact, I think I first taught myself how to make tote bags for storing my sewing projects sensibly :)

      I use my UK Meet bag all the time, but mainly for picnics so far!

  15. I would use it to hold a knitting project and my iPad – which has all my patterns and books on it. Definitely Cowboy side out, they are too hot to hide.

  16. Just have to say, I loved “Junk”. I thought the whole story was done very well. I loved Jasper and Lewis, they were great together, even if Lewis did irritate me for a bit there. I would take the tote on the train with me going to work and would totally use it with the Cowboy side out. After all, I have to give those that aren’t fortunate enough to always have a great book with them something to look at besides the scenery.

    • Aww, thanks, Valarie! It’s been interesting to see how opinion is divided over Lewis, between those who just can’t accept that a therapist would have a relationship with a client, and those who find him irritating for clinging to his professional scruples for so long :)

      Love the idea of those cowboys cheering up the daily commute!

  17. I’ll use both sides. The book side for carrying books and and other gadgets and the cowboy side for vacations and shopping. Thank you for the chance to win =)

    • Hi H.B.! Good to know both sides would get an airing with you. The books are lovely in their own way 😀

  18. Books for the library, hot-sexy-cowboy-men for everything else…probably. And as with anything that is big enough to carry a book-shaped-object, this with most likely be used to tote around books, my writing notebook, and the occasional pair of flip-flops…to wherever I think I can sneak in a few moments of reading/writing time.

    • I love the fact that so many of the commenters seem to pay regular trips to the library! Have to admit, I haven’t been using my local one so much since I started reading ebooks. Went in recently and it had all gone self-service. Most confusing! And I’d forgotten my pin and everything.

  19. I’d use for hauling my stuff to work-cowboy side out. It’s make going to work a much more cheerful prospect!

  20. I’d fill it with *cough* rope *cough* 😉 And probably have book side out.
    Count me in please!

    • Rope, eh? So… you’re into either macrame or climbing, I take it? 😉 One of the cowboys is holding a coil of rope, so that would be a wonderfully appropriate thing to keep in there!

  21. If I won this tote, I’d either put it on my wall over my computer so that I could look at it while I’m writing or us it as a purse. Either way, cowboy side out, baby!

  22. I’m such a fan of totes and reusable bags. I have one purse (no fashion cred here), but so many bags with which to carry things (even to hold the other bags). I have often thought I might have a tad too many, but luckily, from use, they get done in and the herd is thinned.

    Your tote is adorable. I am more likely to use the book-decorated side to hold books, than to use the cowboy-decorated side to hold cowboys, BUT you never can tell.

    • Carolyn–I’m very similar! I do have a few purses (or handbags as we prefer over here), but I’ve got LOADS of tote bags. And yeah, they definitely don’t last forever, do they? In fact, some barely seem to survive a single wash. I don’t know why they can’t pre-shrink the fabric!

  23. Awww, you sure I can’t have the adorable kitty? No? Oh well, then I guess I’ll have to settle for trying to win this awesome tote bag! And I think I’d switch sides depending on my mood. When I’m going out in my cowboy boots and hat, cowboy side. And when I’m heading to the library, the book side. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


    • Sorry, Emily, but Dottie is definitely not up for grabs!

      That bag would definitely look good with the cowboy boots and hat. Yeehaw!

  24. Thanks for such a fun giveaway! I’d probably be a bit predictable and carry books in the tote, with the book-fabric on the outside. Congratulations on your recent publication! Thanks again!

    • Nothing wrong with doing the predictable thing with this one, Marie! And thank you so much 😀

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