The Hot Pressure Blog Tour

The blog tour is now over and all prizes have been sent to the lucky winners, but the posts are still open for comments, should you feel the urge.

This September, join JL Merrow and Josephine Myles on a three week blog tour to celebrate their new Samhain releases, Pressure Head and The Hot Floor. One commenter on each post will be offered a choice of a title from each of our backlists (Jo’s and Jamie’s), and there’s also a chance for the fabulous grand prize!

Yes, one lucky commenter during the tour will win the following exclusive items, all featured in the books: A Sisters of Sodom T-shirt (Pressure Head), and two handmade owls (The Hot Floor): a macrame owl made by JL Merrow, and a glass owl made by Ian Shearman of Bath Aqua Glass. All prize winners will be picked using on Monday 8th October, 11am GMT, and notified via email.

18th September – Joyfully JayWith You it’s All Me, Me, Me
19th September – Top 2 BottomBlue Collar or White?
20th September – Well ReadToo Close to Home
25th September – Tam Reads, Writes and RamblesDo Nice Guys Always Finish First?
26th September – Mamba’s Lair (Amara’s Place) – Drowning in a River in Egypt
27th September – Pants Off ReviewsThe Yin to his Yang
28th September – BookwenchesPlot, What Plot?
2nd October – The Armchair ReaderDo Real Men Knit?
3rd October – Coffee and PornWelcome to Hell


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