Blooming Marvellous

Blooming Marvellous coverWhat do a graffiti artist, a nerdy virgin, a lunar cop, a handsome devil, a sexy boater, a disgraced aristocrat and a misbehaving valet all have in common? Bestselling gay romance author Josephine Myles, of course! In this collection of nine short stories you’ll find all these characters coming together (quite literally sometimes).

The collection mingles contemporary erotica with a hint of a happy future with historical, paranormal and futuristic kinky romance. There are even a couple of stories that are sweet romance. One thing you can be sure of, though: the blokes in these stories will always get their man!

Buckle up for Jo’s British sense of humour and fun, and don’t be surprised if there’s sex in the potting shed, because with Jo, anything can happen.

Warning: written in splendidly British English.

NB – All these stories have been previously published:
Blooming Marvellous – Tea and Crumpet anthology (UK MAT, 2011)
River Rat – Sexy Sailors anthology (Cleis Press, 2012)
The Devil Went Down to Swindon – Mine anthology (Torquere Press, 2010)
Passive Resistance – Like That Spark anthology (Circlet Press, 2010)
The Frog Prince – The Handsome Prince anthology (Cleis Press, 2011)
Dragon Dance – Lashings of Sauce anthology (UK MAT, 2012)
Demon du Jour, Three Wishes and Tea for Two are all available here on the website.

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gay contemporary, historical, BDSM and paranormal romance
3rd July 2013, self-published
ebook and print anthology – 43,000 words
Cover art by Lou Harper
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What they’re saying

The Romance ReviewBursting with originality, humor, lashings of lovely rudeness as well as a few surprises… Throughout each story, I was struck about the range and depth of her ideas, as well as the great way she writes about sex… Do I recommend this anthology? Only to folk who love great writing, great characters, want a damned good laugh whilst getting slightly hot under the proverbial collar at the rude interludes. And yes, that does rhyme, which seems the perfect way to end this review on a writer’s work which veritably sings its creativity off the pages.
Robyn Elliot at The Romance Reviews

Perhaps Ms. Myles should have titled the book: Blooming Marvellous and Other Delights. This four-star anthology of short stories is diverse and delightful, with something for almost every taste… In addition to its diversity and variety, the collection is edgy, engaging, entertaining, well paced, and layered… I’m “all in” for Josephine Myle’s somewhat dark, yet consistently brilliant, collection. You should be, too.
Christopher Stone at Queer Town Abbey

Josephine has displayed her fantastic sense of humor and her very unique writing style in this fabulous collection of stories that cover a wide array of times, places, and situations. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these fascinating stories and would happily recommend them to everyone.
Pattycakes at Mrs Condit & Friends Read Books

I happen to adore Myles’ writing, but for those who aren’t as familiar with her work, this is a great way to get a taste of her style in a variety of genres… Myles does a great job really setting up the relationships and making us believe in a future for these characters.  So I really enjoyed this one and would definitely recommend it to both fans of Myles’ writing and to newcomers.
4.5 stars from Jay at Joyfully Jay