First Impressions

First Impressions cover - 2nd edition

When ugly socks attract.

Surly artist Jez just can’t help staring at the brightly colored socks of the businessman who sits opposite him on the train every day. He weaves a whole history for the mysterious stranger in a vain attempt to stave off his attraction, but it only ends up feeding his bizarre obsession. Then one hot morning, Jez finally snaps and starts sketching…

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contemporary gay erotic romance
Second edition February 2012, self-published
First edition January 2011, Torquere Press
ebook short story, 6,100 words
Cover art by Lou Harper
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The First Impressions series:
#1. First Impressions
#2. Fuzzy (freebie)
#3. Last Chance

What they’re saying:

[First Impressions] doesn’t waste any words as it covers an impressively varied emotional terrain from humorous to poignant. It also features numerous vivid details that make its British setting and culture come alive for the reader. Meanwhile, the first-person narrator is a thoroughly convincing young guy – surly, obsessed with sex, a bit gross and raunchy, and insecure enough to make snap judgments about people based on first impressions. The author takes a risk, giving the protagonist such a big chip on his shoulder, but she also has the skill to show us that he’s endearingly desperate for someone to love.
Val Kovalin at ARe Cafe

Creating a plot involving two incredibly appealing characters who quickly draw a reader into their story is an accomplishment. Succeeding in accomplishing it within the short story format is impressive. Following those characters through their everyday lives and making them interesting enough to want to spend more time with them is not an easy task, and Josephine Myles has done it beautifully in First Impressions. Jez and Steve are characters who are so incredibly charming and likable that they should be revisited soon and often, in my humble opinion.
5 kisses from Lisa at Top 2 Bottom Reviews, and the whole series is one of her Top Picks for 2011!

This is the first story I’ve read by Ms Myles, whose language is beautiful, descriptive without being dry, and economical — this author gets a lot of nuance into every phrase… everything that happens once Jez stops drawing is as good or better — you can feel the breeze in your hair from the whoosh of him falling in love.
5 stars from Cryselle at Reviews by Jessewave

Overall, I loved this series and would highly recommend the books, especially if you read them all together. Jez and Steve are such great characters and a really great couple together and it is so nice watching their relationship build and deepen over the course of the stories.
4.75 stars from JayHJay at Joyfully Jay

This is a lovely little short about opposites and assumptions about other people based on outward appearances… I found this a humorous read at times as Jez works through his attraction to, and then his nervousness about being with someone who is so different from himself, or who he thinks is different.
Readers who enjoy getting inside a character’s head and seeing his thought process roll and change as he’s forced to reassess his notions will especially enjoy this. And it’s sweet and funny and has a very satisfying ending.
B+ from Tam at Brief Encounters

I’ll admit this short story had me at the opening line. “When ugly socks attract” just sounds fun and interesting. The story definitely lives up to that expectation with an entertaining and really enjoyable narrative. The short length is well used here … and delivers a warm romance within the allotted pages. Definitely one to pick up for those that like short stories…
The build up to the meeting and great, truly great scene where Steve reveals his stripy briefs make the story so delightful… There is a lot of subtle wit, humor, and great writing that delivers this charming short.
4 stars from Kassa at Three Dollar Bill Reviews

A beautiful and funny story about first impressions and how easy we build misconceptions about other people in our head. Fortunately Steve had the weird socks thing going, because otherwise Jez wouldn’t have been so fascinated by him and they would never have ended up as the perfect and sweet couple they turn out to be.
Janna at Rarely Dusty Books

This is a fun series of little books that are very quick reads, but have a dark side to them that Ms. Myles does not neglect. The characters are well-developed and the brief sketches move smoothly. I enjoyed the stories and hope for more about Jez and Steve.
Becky Condit at Mrs Condit Reads Books

I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending this book for others to read. I know you will all enjoy this tale of new love as much as I did.
Droogie at Ebook Addict Reviews

First Impressions coverYou might have seen First Impressions in the first edition with the generic Torquere Sip cover. Rest assured that this is exactly the same story. I’ve made a few minor edits to individual words and changed the spelling back to British, but there’s no need to buy the second edition if you already have the first :)