Last Chance (First Impressions #3)

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Finding the strength to face up to your past is much easier with the love of a good man.

Surly artist Jez can hardly believe his good fortune in ending up in domestic bliss with a warmhearted man like Steve, but one morning a letter arrives, stirring up old hurts. Jez finds it hard to believe Steve will still want him when he reveals his sorry history. Steve, however, is determined to prove that he loves Jez just the way he is — and he’ll even do it before he finishes knitting his first pair of socks…

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contemporary gay erotic romance
2nd edition October 2012, self-published
1st edition September 2011, Torquere Press
ebook short story
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The First Impressions series:
#1.  First Impressions
#2. Fuzzy (freebie)
#3. Last Chance

What they’re saying:

Last Chance is an incredibly touching addition to this clever and deliciously sexy series. Jez is the absolute perfect narrator, as the reader is able to witness not only his own insecurities but is given a true insight into how remarkable Jez’s evolution truly is, and how significant it is that he is able to admit he needs someone as much as he needs Steve.
Two words, Josephine: more please.
5 kisses from Lisa at Top 2 Bottom Reviews

This is such a lovely story considering it deals with such painful topics. Myles does a wonderful job of showing the inner turmoil Jez feels and how difficult it is for him to let go of the past. We also can really see how far Jez and Steve’s relationship has come as Steve is really able to provide such support and love for Jez throughout the process. Despite the heavy issues, the story has many fun and sweet (and sexy) moments and is a really nice way to finish off the trilogy.
4.75 stars from JayHJay at Joyfully Jay

I like that the heroes are getting more and more three-dimensional with every installment of this series. They feel like real people and I’m kind of sad that this was the last of the stories in this series. It would be wonderful to revisit them every now and then to see how they are *hint, hint*, because they feel like friends. I think that’s quite an achievement for the author to have accomplished in such few pages.
Janna at Rarely Dusty Books

Despite the darker tone and content, this delightful story is a real treat to read. It’s beautifully written with a lot of subtlety and punch packed into such a short space…
It’s sad but has a very nice happy ending with a reaffirmation of Jez and Steve’s love. This couple feels real and honest throughout the series and always with a touch of whimsy and delight. I truly hope this isn’t the last we see of these two and I’m looking forward to another short story featuring some crazy socks or undies.
4 stars from Kassa

I was touched and angered and saddened by the scenes with his father… The emotion wasn’t overdone and maudlin, but definitely was there on the page to let you feel it, and share in it…
The author never fails to bring real people to life that you would want to get to know and be friends with. An excellent addition to the series.
B+ from Tam at Brief Encounters Reviews

Jez’ voice is very distinct, and very British. The story is chock full of little British touches, turns of phrase that sound strange and delightfully foreign to my American ear, but Myles has a deft touch for keeping the context clear so that the non-British reader won’t need a cheat sheet to understand them… Jez stands out clearly off the page as a very real character, full of depths.
Kathryn Scannell

Getting Better coverYou might have seen Last Chance in the first edition with the generic Torquere Charity Sip cover. Rest assured that this is exactly the same story. I’ve made a few minor edits to individual words and changed the spelling back to British, but there’s no need to buy the second edition if you already have the first :)