Pole Star

Pole Star coverAmazon Gay & Lesbian bestseller!

It’s hard to flirt when sequins are chafing your bits…

Injured pole dancer Matt Lovell meets attractive radiographer Sal when he’s in casualty for an x-ray. Trouble is, Matt’s firefighter outfit is pretty convincing, and the longer he keeps up the pretence the harder it will be to reveal the naked truth: that there’s nothing underneath his costume but a sequin-covered thong!


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contemporary, gay erotic romance
February 2012, self-published
ebook short story – 7000 words
Cover art by Lou Harper
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What they’re saying:

This short, hot, sexy little story is just chock-full of naughty bits and grins and outright laughs that really illuminate Josephine Myles’ gift for creating characters who can charm their way right into your heart in record time.
5 stars from Lisa at The Novel Approach

I loved the writing, witty and humorous. I so wish this story had been longer, because I wanted to keep reading about Matt and Sal, and definitely more of Ms. Myles writing style.  I will be looking for others by her.  If they are even close, I will be a very happy reader.
5 hearts from Lucy at Hearts on Fire

When you are in the mood for light and flirty and total fun, this is a perfect story to pick up… The author seems to always leave you feeling good and smiling after one of her stories, and this is no exception.
B+ from Tam at Brief Encounters Reviews

Excellent short and smutty m/m romance about a stripper who gets injured onstage and ends up in the emergency room in his firefighter costume, flirting with the cute radiographer.
Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos

The author’s style is quick, fresh, light and enjoyable. I was pleased with the pace and found the my questions answered. It’s a pretty quick jump into the sack, but that’s not a problem in a story that’s this much fun.
Lisa at Attention is Arbitrary