Vintage Smut Sunday: Men and Motors (gay erotica, NSFW)

Okay, cars aren’t exactly my area of expertise, but I did recently top up the oil in my engine (all by myself!) so I’m feeling up to a motoring blog post :)

Don’t expect any tips on engine maintenance, although these saucy vintage pics of men orally misbehaving in their vehicles might well get your motor running!

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Vintage Smut Sunday: Exhibitionist Sailors (male nudity, NSFW)

Okay, I’m back after a week off blogging, and I wanted some amusing vintage pics to share with you. The following are all of sailors exposing themselves.

Hope you enjoy the partial nudes. I do love the cheekiness of only the clothing below the waist being removed. And I’m hoping that if I can find one more pic of an exposed sailor asleep, I’ll be able to offer up a post of those soon 😉

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Vintage Smut Sunday: the WTF? caption contest (gay erotica, NSFW)

It’s time for a caption contest! This time it’s all solo pics that made me stop in my tracks while browsing vintage porn sites.

Get your thinking caps on and come up with something amusing to go with one (or all) of these pics. Contest ends 10am Saturday 17th August (GMT). I’ll be posting the winning three entries on that Saturday, and the winners can each choose an ebook from my backlist. Woohoo!

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Blooming Marvellous release week special offer!

Blooming Marvellous coverIt’s out today!

Blooming Marvellous–my self-published anthology bringing together a collection of nine gay erotica and romance short stories–is now available to buy in ebook form! What’s more, you can get a whopping 75% off over at Smashwords if you use the coupon code RS63G (exp. 10th July). That makes it just $1, people!

Alternatively, if you want the convenience of shopping at ARe and don’t mind paying full price, here’s the link for it over there:

All Romance eBooks

Kindle links will follow later as soon as it’s gone through the system at Amazon (always takes a few hours).

All of these stories have been previously published–a few here at the website and others in mixed author anthologies. However, I wanted to bring them together in one handy ebook as I know more people will end up reading them that way. Here’s where they’ve previously appeared, so you can check to see if you’ve already read them:

Blooming Marvellous – Tea and Crumpet anthology (UK MAT, 2011)
River Rat – Sexy Sailors anthology (Cleis Press, 2012)
The Devil Went Down to Swindon – Mine anthology (Torquere Press, 2010)
Passive Resistance – Like That Spark anthology (Circlet Press, 2010)
The Frog Prince – The Handsome Prince anthology (Cleis Press, 2011)
Dragon Dance – Lashings of Sauce anthology (UK MAT, 2012)
Demon du Jour, Three Wishes and Tea for Two are all available here on my website.

I have given the whole lot a fresh edit and they’ve been proofread too, so they’re in better shape than ever! They also feature a real mix of genres, with science fiction, paranormal and historical along with the sexy contemporaries you might expect from me.

Hope you enjoy the read. And if you do, I’d really appreciate you sharing that on social networks and/or leaving a review somewhere like Goodreads or Amazon. Pretty please? :)

Jo x

Vintage Smut Sunday: sporty shenanigans (gay erotica, NSFW)

With sports and wrestling getting an equal amount of votes for this week’s post, I decided to go with sports as I thought the pics I had were more fun :)

You also get four rather than three, because I’m feeling generous and to make up for being later than usual with your weekly vintage smut fix.

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Vintage Smut Sunday: Sex on the beach (gay erotica – NSFW)

Today’s post is a little late (blame Father’s Day and all those far more important family commitments), but I wanted to share some beachy pics with you. The British summer seems to be over now, so there’s even more reason for me to stare longingly at pictures of the seaside.

Especially when there’s hot naked men involved…

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Vintage Smut Sunday: a close shave (gay erotica, NSFW)

I just adore pictures of men being shaved. There’s something incredibly trusting about allowing anyone else near your skin with a sharp blade (especially in more intimate parts of the body!)

I found the first two pics ages ago, but couldn’t seem to find any more to make up a weekly post. Then, today, I tapped in the right words to the search engine and voila! Check out the last pic. I’m always a happy bunny when I find gorgeous vintage pics like this 😀

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Vintage Smut Sunday: bathtub bliss (gay erotica – NSFW)

I promised you bathtub pics this week, and I know some of you are expecting awful bathroom suites. Sorry, you’ll get those another week, but I wanted to share some of my favourites for other reasons this week.

These ones are all about the bodies. Particularly fine-looking bodies, in my humble opinion 😉

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Vintage Smut Sunday – Sexy sideburns (gay erotica – NSFW)

This week I’ve dug out a selection of pictures I just love, all hanging together by the tenuous theme of sideburns. I suspect these were all taken in the 1960s (or perhaps a year or two into the seventies).

I’ve always preferred a short crop to long hair on men, but this sort of in-between length is lovely when tousled and teamed up with some hirsute sideburns. For once, these vintage pics don’t make me want to send everyone to the barbers!

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Ooh lookie–a new book!

Sexy Sailors coverI’d somehow neglected to mark yesterday in my diary as the release day for Sexy Sailors, an anthology of sex on the seas from some very talented authors indeed. My story is called “River Rat” and is set in Manchester. It involves a hunky, red-headed narrowboater in some rather kinky goings on with a goth art student.

Here’s the blurb and some buy links:

Sex Ahoy!

Who hasn’t admired a naval officer coming ashore in his dress whites or a hard-muscled young man climbing up a mast and grinding winches to set sail? Whether they’re commanding navy ships or eight-foot dinghies, the gorgeous guys of Sexy Sailors sure know how to cruise.

A grizzled traveler looking for a quick hookup aboard a Greek freighter discovers his true mate when he meets a shaggy-haired stud in “Angel.” A handsome seaman in uniform receives an enthusiastic welcome to San Francisco in “Home Is the Sailor.” In the boat-rocking “Shanghai Surprise,” a fine young thing is shackled and bound but soon finds himself topping his captor.

Award-winning editor Neil Plakcy has collected bold stories of naughty, nautical hunks and wild, stormy sex that are sure to blow your imagination.

With contributed stories by Emily Moreton, Martin Delacroix, Tanner, Michael Bracken, Bearmuffin, Connor Wright, Neil Plakcy, Logan Zachary, Jay Starre, Josephine Myles, Rob Rosen, Aaron Michaels, Dominic Santi, Lou Harper, Gregory L. Norris.

E book: Kindle US | Kindle UK | Nook

Paperback: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Cleis Press