Back to school!


Yay, it’s September! Actually, I’m not really celebrating as I’m missing Andy and Daisy, but I have to admit it is nice to have a bit more time to myself during the days… while Gabriel is napping, at any rate (please don’t drop your nap, little man!)

So, I have a general catch up post so you can find out how I spent my summer. A fair bit of it was spent in getting Custom Fit ready for publication, but I made sure I took plenty of days off too. Basically, if the sun shone we made an effort to go out and do something. Sometimes that was just a walk in the countryside, but we did take a few day trips down to the seaside. There are so many gorgeous beaches we can drive to in less than two hours (only about 1 hr 20 mins in the case of Weymouth), and now that Gabriel is that little bit older, longer car journeys aren’t quite such an issue. Well, so long as we set off early enough. I don’t want to do another 9:30 trip to IKEA ever again (NIGHTMARE!!!).

This last weekend was also the UK Meet, held down in Southampton for the first time. I’ve got to say I think the organisers did an absolutely smashing job. I reckon this was the best Meet yet for covering all letters of the GLBTQ+ spectrum, there were some really interesting guest speakers taken from outside the world of romance fiction (yay!), and the entertainment at the Gala dinner was top-notch–particularly Ukulele Jam. Who’d have thought a bunch of people playing “good songs moderately well on tiny toy instruments” could be so funny?! Continue reading