Vintage Smut Sunday: Seventies Cowboys (gay erotica, NSFW)

The sunshine has gone away again today, so I’m cheering myself up on Easter Sunday with some sunny pictures of cowboys. Yep, they’re totally appropriate for this time of year. I’m imagining them surrounded by bunnies and chocolate eggs 😉

I’m giving you four pics this week as I’ve been remiss with posting over the last few weeks. Sorry about that, but when a novel deadline approaches, I have to give it my all!

BTW, I thought I would be unlikely to get into trouble posting vintage porn as the copyright should have expired for the older stuff. However, I’m now going to make the extra effort to try to find more information about the photographer/original publication and share that with you. It seems only fair to give the photographers and models credit! I won’t always manage it as these images have been mostly sourced from Tumblr, with those details missing. However, now I know how to do a reverse image search, I’ll do my best to track them down.

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Vintage Smut Sunday: arched backs (gay erotica, NSFW)

Is there anything sexier than a man’s back arched in the throes of passion? No, wait, don’t answer that. I’m sure there are many things that are, but I just love an arched back. Not only does it show us how supple he is, but it’s a sign of physical and mental abandon.

I’ve gathered together three of my favourite shots from my big folder of vintage smut. Enjoy!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Frost flowersHope you all have a wonderful holiday, whatever it is you celebrate! I’ve been deep in edits over the last few days (along with trying to do all the Christmas crazy stuff), but I’m planning to now take a few days off to just enjoy being with friends and family… and raiding the drinks cabinet!

I’ll be back soon with some more vintage smut and New Year’s goals, but until then everything will be quiet around here. I’m going to leave you with one fantastically festive vintage smut picture, though, as I feel bad for forgetting to post on Sunday (too deep in those edits I mentioned). Thanks to Tammy Ames for sending me this rather scary porn shot–scary for those who don’t have a toy soldier fetish, anyway! Continue reading

Vintage Smut Sunday: Victorian role playing – monk and slave (gay erotica, NSFW)

I promised you some more explicit Victorian pics, so here we go! This set of five photographs is proof that people have always loved a bit of role play in their porn. I wonder if there are any Victorian plumber/handyman sets out there?

Those of you who are triggered by such things be warned: this set of pictures features a white man dressed as a monk with a black slave. There isn’t anything like abuse depicted–both parties seem to be enjoying themselves and the slave isn’t bound, but he does sport metal cuffs in a few of the pictures.

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Vintage Smut Sunday: long-haired lovers (gay erotica, NSFW)

Those who know me well are probably aware that I’m not a huge fan of long hair on men. Don’t know why, exactly, but that’s just the way it is. I prefer a shiny bald crown than flowing locks for some reason.

However, I realise I might be in a minority here and so I’ve saved a few pics of long-haired blokes. Actually, it’s a challenge to find them as gay porn models seem to favour shorn locks, so when I do see one I tend to nab them for the novelty value. Here are three of my fave finds. Enjoy!

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Vintage Smut Sunday: curtain call (gay erotica, NSFW)

Some of the vintage pics I download aren’t particularly sexy, but something about them grabs my eye. The way people are looking at each other, or the bizarre setting. All of these pics made it into my “WTF?” file for both those reasons. And they all feature curtains as the backdrop.

I suppose curtains were just a convenient blank backdrop for the male bodies, but there do seem to be an awful lot of them in 70s porn!

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Vintage Smut Sunday: Men with tools (Gay erotica, NSFW)

I’m in serious need of some bits of work doing around the house, and so this post was inspired by my desire for a handyman. Think I can get one to do the job like this?

Oh yes, and since there were only two pics last week, I’m giving you a bonus one today. I’m nice like that :)

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Vintage Smut Sunday: the return of Ambrose and Laurence (gay erotica, NSFW)

Vintage Smut Sunday is back, and I’ve got a special treat for you today!

Remember those lovely Victorian cross-dressing lads who look like they’re completely in love with each other? A friend of mine has been scouring the internet for vintage gay erotica, every hopeful to find more pictures of these two, and he’s come up trumps yet again with two gorgeous pictures! Thank you, George, and here’s hoping one of these days you find a picture of them kissing 😀

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Vintage Smut Sunday: acrobatic sex and cake (gay erotica, NSFW)

I was feeling in need of a good chuckle today, so I gathered together a few pics I’ve been dying to share for ages :)

No particular linking theme, other than the sheer ludicrousness of smut. You know me, sometimes I share really sultry, sexy pics but a lot of the time I’m drawn to amusing sex.

And cake. Never underestimate the power of cake and sex combined!

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Vintage Smut Sunday: the uncut edition

This week’s post is especially for Sue, who usually comments on the Goodreads feed of the blog and who ALWAYS notices if I post a pic of a guy with an intact foreskin.

I must say, being a Brit where foreskins are the norm, I definitely have a preference for them myself. Here then, are a selection of pictures where at least one of the guys is uncut.

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